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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oldest coming to visit, local fair coming up! Be back later!

Okay, I'm gonna be gone for awhile. I will be taking a minute every morning or evening to read my blog list for what you've been up to, but I won't be posting comments or posting on my blog.

My oldest daughter comes to visit today til Sunday. I can tell you our surprise because none of my family reads my blog. She is expecting (just barely, but it counts) and we are going to surprise my mom and the rest of the family when she gets here. Since she lives 6 hours away, I want to spend as much time as possible with her. Her husband Justin can't come because he got called in to work and he hasn't been working much, so...

The mommy in me is asking "are they ready for this?", the selfish mommy is asking "can't they wait til I live closer to them?" (6 hours-that baby is never going to know me), but the other mommy says "she did it all the right way-she went to college, graduated, then got married, I'm so happy!" Not to mention that she is the same age I was when I had her. They are not going to find out the sex, and that makes me sooo glad. She said they decided it was one of the last big surprises in life!

Also, it's time to get moving for our local fair. We have to get entries completed, supplies ready, etc. Along with being a 4-H mom and club leader, this year I was asked to be the large livestock superintendent. I love fair. As a kid, it was our vacation, and with doing livestock now, we meet so many great people. I complain like crazy but reality is I love it! Even Steve, who used to complain like crazy, helps out and sits and visits. I am generally there from 7 am to 10 pm, running like crazy. My goal this year is to encourage people to have their kids join 4-H, including livestock, gardening, etc.

The following are photos from last year's fair with my club! It's a lot smaller this year, which is nice and sad at the same time.

A member, Brandon and my co-leader Rachael hanging out...

Always lots of kids around...

Part of fair is helping others. Last year was the second year Lyndsey has showed a steer for another member. Scares me to death, but she does great.

Last years club at the end of the fair. I'm on the far right, almost the shortest in the group.

Of course, what would a local fair be without cowboys. I let Lyndsey go and get pictures taken of her with some of the young bull riders. We didn't mention this to dad. LOL

Fair gives me a chance to hook up with like-minded folks, spend time with my daughter and her friends (always a good thing) and just have fun!

But, if we don't get busy, we won't be ready. Have a great couple weeks everyone!!



  2. Is that you with your daughter? I love putting a face to the blogger :), you are gorgeous as are your daughters... what a lovely surprise, now go have some FUN!

  3. Happy, happy news! I envy you the fun time you are in for. (Speaking about the grandbaby!)

    Sounds as though fair time is a great time for you, too. Enjoy yourself to the hilt. We'll be waiting to hear about everything when you are back.

  4. OOOH! That is so wonderful! What a great thing to lighten you mood! Something awesome to look forward to! Congrats and big hugs!