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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moving forward

Just a quick post, gotta get some things done so I can go work a whole hour, do grocery shopping and get home to take a nap to go to the movies (midnight showing, way past my bedtime). Steve asked that we not wake him when we get home at approximately 3:00 am, so Lyndsey and I will be crawling into the tent which we moved into the garage the other day. It was supposed to rain, so we picked it up and put it in the empty bay. That makes it convenient, because we won't be woken up in the morning by the birds or critters.

Chica, my mini-horse, sold yesterday. The lady who bought her has a senior/foster home for humans (LOL)and spends lots of time at home. She also has two Shetland wethers and two Netherland Dwarf goats, so Chica will be happy. She has never owned a horse, but listened carefully to all I told her. Also, her daughter-in-law (who I know well and referred her to me) did 4-H horse here and has lots of contacts in the area. The bad part is they can't transport her til Sunday, so while I am happy she found a home, once I have made the decision to do something and the item is no longer mind, I want it gone... Does that sound harsh?

They paid cash, so following my new guidelines (all checks go immediately into bank account to catch up on past-due bills and cash can go for groceries, animal feed, gas for vehicles) I am going to buy chicken and sheep feed today and get some groceries. I also will not specifically ask people to pay cash... (well, I'm selling 4 chicks today and made an exception for the $24 he is paying, since that is our Harry Potter movie money for tickets and popcorn).

I got a call yesterday from one of the afore-mentioned past-due bills and made myself answer the phone and deal with it. Didn't reach a perfect solution, but better than avoiding it (old behavior for me).

Okay, now I'm off of here. We are boarding a horse for 2 weeks while the 4-H horse members use the fairgrounds horse stalls, so I need to be ready for them to pull in, plus I have chores to do, and need to leave the house picked up so Steve won't whine about being left home alone. The computer can waste way to much of my time...

Take care, and to my friends who are withering in the heat, I am thinking of you!


  1. Sounds like a couple of little things are moving in the right direction. Yay for that! Hope you and your daughter can really enjoy yourselves at the movie tonight and that your camp-out (in the garage . . . I got a chuckle out of that one) is fun!

  2. Good for you for dealing with that bill call, I'm an avoider usually too when things get rough! So you are doing the Harry Potter mania? LOL, can you believe I've never even seen one? I feel so left out... :) I think it's because my kids are younger so I missed out on that, although I find myself hooked on Twilight LOL

  3. Those calls are never welcome ones. But at least you (for lack of a better phrase) sucked it up and dealt with it. Good job!

    I've heard the movie is a good one! Can't wait to see it myself.

    Erin...don't feel bad, I love Twilight too!