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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hectic! I thought unemployment equaled more free time?

I haven't posted much lately, or commented on my favorite blogs, though I've been reading them at night. Things are just hectic. I worked all week at my "temp" split-shift job, which broke up the day enough to mess me up.

Lyndsey finished her freshman year mid-week, so that was a big thing. I can't believe how fast this year flew. She also had an interview for a part-time library story-time aid on Wednesday, so we are anxiously awaiting the results. Her driving is doing much better. I'm even able to text while she drives the route to town.

Graduation for the seniors was last night, and of course Lyndsey wanted to go, so I went to that. It was nice, tho sad to see how much the class sizes have shrunk since I graduated from there. We had 81 in my graduating class in '81 and this graduating class had 37. I've had major allergies the last few days and had a major coughing fit mid-ceremony, so had to get out of the gym for awhile. Talk about embarrassing. Still coughing today, lots of drainage, so it's gonna be irritating with as much as I have to do today.

I need to go get busy on my to-do list before I have to head to town for a car-wash fundraiser. The 4-H club that Steve and I co-lead is having the carwash to raise funds for matching jackets/hoodies. That will be about 4 hours. Then, back home to start planting the garden and finishing chores. Lyndsey babysits tonight, so I have some rabbit in the freezer I am gonna cook up for Steve for dinner. Neither Lyndsey or I care for rabbit (mental blocks) but Steve loves it, so it's a good night to prepare it.

Tomorrow more garden planting and chores, gonna treat us to a good steak on the grill, grilled potatoes and a fruit salad for dinner. Monday I work again, then Tuesday we have to load up the sheep and drive 'em 30 miles round-trip to get sheared, but that's better than 150 miles round trip, which we did last year. Working part-time on Thursday and Friday, small party at my house Friday, Lyndsey's having a counselor camp-out here Saturday, and so on...

Just alot of odds and ends going on. Oh, and the worst thing! Steve announced his mom isn't happy at her new house, too many relatives living there (she lets them stay if they aren't working) and it's gonna be "too hot" this summer, so she wants to come stay for a couple months. I don't know if I shared this, but she lived with us from June to October last year, left for a week with family and never came home. So I packed up her stuff! Now she wants to come back. I told Steve I really wasn't happy about it, but he is being a, um, how do I put it politely, ASS! and said his mom is welcome as often and as long as she wants. I said fine, but I wasn't changing my life like I did last summer, so be prepared! We have no idea when or if she is showing up. He says she'll probably just pull in the driveway. Last year she bought groceries once and didn't help again. I am sooooo mad! It's not gonna be pretty, I can promise you that! Between her and her two yappie dogs that poop and pee on the floor, I am gonna go crazy!

On that note, time to get busy and go work out my frustration on the weeds. Have a weekend filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. Oh no! Don't let her take over and leave all her crap in the bathroom this time! That wasn't nice of me, but ya gotta let it out sometimes!

    Do your best to think positive thoughts and maybe her car will just pass you by!

    Good luck getting all your stuff done, you got lots going on!

  2. I think I'd have to reread this post and take notes to figure out all you've got going on! What a busy bee you are.

    I feel the same way about rabbit meat you do. We raised them for meat for a while but there was just something about the meat (I think it is the texture) that I don't care for. And I'm not usually a picky eater!

    That situation with Steve's mom is a tough one. It's good that he cares for and wants to make his mom feel welcome but he also has a certain set of responsibilities to you that he needs to put first. Just my opinion. Hope this can be worked out.

  3. jeepers creepers-you are living my real life nightmare-everyone at each others throats day and night-some days I go hide in my room.week-days its 6 of us --5out of 7 days its 8of us, and on week-ends and holidays its all 12 of us with my daughter comes to stay with her other 3 kids.[ALL IN 1 HOUSE]I won't let old John Barley Corn get me-don't you either.

  4. Ruth, it seems like just yesterday when she was there last time, so I can understand your frustration. I hope your hubby can at least have a talk with her, it's definitely in everyone's best "mental" interest if everyone can get along and respecting the fact that it is your home will go a long way towards making it a more pleasurable experience for you. You are so busy, I don't know how you do it. We'll be here for you to vent come moving day!