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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dang, my nerves are shot. (Last Teen Driver)

So, Lyndsey got her driver's permit, but hasn't been driving much because both of our stick-shifts are old and the clutches are shot. So when we bought the Subaru, she started driving more. It's an automatic, which is simpler for her to learn on. After the last few days of riding with her, I have learned a couple things. #1 I am too old to be teaching a teenager to drive and #2 the imaginary brake doesn't work any better than it did when I was teaching our two older daughters to drive. The other day, after we made it home safe and sound (she'd only driven like a mile and a half that day) she told me I was "meaner" than dad and she liked driving with him better! Ha-ha, mission accomplished!

I can remember how scary it is to learn to drive, but somehow I forgot how scary it is to be the one in the passenger seat. She is actually doing quite good, except for slowing down to turn. I keep yelling "Brake, brake, brake!". My right hand hurts from gripping the door handle. Tonight she drove from home into town, 3 and a half miles, and I finally made her drive all the way, crossing the main highway. She was nervous, but did good. She keeps telling me "Yes, Mom, I read that in the book, you don't have to tell me that." I don't think teens should be allowed to learn to drive until they've lost that "I know it all" attitude. Hee-hee!

I have thought about ordering Student Driver Magnetic Signs, but it's kinda a waste of money for the last kid...

I will survive this, I'll just have a few more gray hairs and maybe some nervous tics! And, when she's mastered the automatic, her dad can teach her how to drive the stick-shift!

Having hope I will survive this, faith there will be no wrecks and joy that this is the last daughter I have to teach to drive!


  1. I have had a few posts of this nature in the last few months, too!. Last night, our DS had both mom and dad in the car yelling, "STOP!" at the same time, so I know that even though my son says he likes dad better, dad is yelling at the same things I am....but sad for me, unlike you, this is my FIRST student driver. He is younger than his sister, but he'll be the first to get his license. My youngest is 11 - I have got a ways to go.

  2. I had a comment - bam it disappeared-it was to long anyway, just wanted to tell you good luck with the driving lessons . Just went trough some of that myself-only here, it is mandatory to pay someone-they get $170.00 for a measly few hours 4-5, I think. My sister in law,-up in Deer River,MN. just got hired to teach the kids- [behind-the-wheel]she is already screaming for boxes of hair color!

  3. Oh this is funny! White knuckles and all! I can't believe she said "meaner" than Dad. Darn kids! But ya know that "know it all" attitude philosophy, you really hit it on that one! Somehow we did know everything then. Gee, at what point did we come to terms with the fact that we know nothing? Or is that just me? LOL!

  4. Cute, cute post! I remember when my aunt decided to get her driving license at the ripe old age of 40-something. I think her husband and a couple of her kids were all involved in teaching her to drive. But after she finally got her license, she used to complain that the only one who would ride in the car with her was Coaly, their black lab.

  5. The farm I grew up on sat on top of a blind hill, the HIGHWAY I might add, and coming from town I had to make a left into the driveway, so we could get nailed from oncoming traffic we couldn't see as well as rear ended from traffic coming up behind us that couldn't see us at the crest of the hill. My parents STILL remind us "be careful coming into the driveway", and I'm 40 now LOL....

  6. I dread that time, and it's coming all too soon. I think, it will be Papa's job to teach them how to drive. Heck, I can't even walk out to the lighthouse with the kids without constant reminders to be careful, stay away from the edge, come back, walk by Mom! I don't know how I'll make it through those years...