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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dang... busy, busy, busy!

I am sorry I haven't been on much lately to post. It's been crazy. I went to Black Sheep Gathering on Sunday with Lyndsey and Wendy, who's sheared our market lambs for the last few years. The only time I've seen her is once or twice a year while she was shearing, for like 1/2 hour. I had such a blast. She is hilarious. For a church-going woman who is very spiritual, she can definitely pop out with some "interesting" comments. I laughed so much... Lyndsey had fun, but she kept looking at us like we'd totally lost it. We looked at all sorts of fiber breeds of sheep and angora goats. I bought a small needle-felting kit, which Lyndsey promptly put together that night. I also bought some odds and ends of roving to make felted soap. I am suspecting we might be a bit hooked on the wool thing, but first I will make myself finish some other stuff I've started. Also, I can't afford even the basics right now, so that keeps me from starting.

Monday was Steve's official first day of vacation, we worked a bit around the property, but I can't really remember what else we did. That's kinda sad, huh? Then, Tuesday morning I got up and met Wendy (the shearer) to go help her shear. I had told her about a co-worker of my sisters who wanted to pay me $250 to shear her three sheep. I asked a couple questions and discovered they hadn't been sheared in 5 years and hadn't been handled either. We set up that appointment and another one for a ram friends were fostering. Once again, it was a blast. Wendy said her daughter had asked her what I was like and Wendy said "Like me, but shorter!" Her daughter said "Oh no, we don't need two of you!" I took it as a compliment. The sheep who hadn't been sheared in 5 years was an interesting experience. The wool was so long. It was so sad. Wendy made shearing them look easy, and I know it wasn't! The owners weren't there, but they had them in a stall. Still, catching them was interesting. We also trimmed their hooves, which hadn't been done either. Wendy did charge them the $250, and I was amazed and delighted when she gave me $80. I tried to explain I'd just gone for the fun of it (I'm a bit twisted on my idea of fun, being covered in lanolin and sheep poop) but she insisted I'd helped a great deal and I'd feel the pain the next day to convince me I'd earned it (she was right!) I did have fun tho, and visiting with Wendy was worth all the pain. Plus, she gave me some wool and explained a lot about the whole sheep to felt or sheep to yarn process. It's good to have a friend you can laugh with! To bad she lives 45 minutes away!

Yesterday was spent running some errands, then we had a young couple and their baby over to join us for a bbq for Steve's Birthday. They share the same interests we do and we had a great time. We also had them help us band the calf. You know you're a redneck when you put a band around calf testicles at a birthday party. Steve had a couple drinks more than usual, so he slept good! LOL I'm also dog-sitting right now, so the house is full. Today was cleaning the house, yard work, animal

Tomorrow I have to weed before it gets out of control, and replant a bunch of stuff. I put the chicks out in the chicken run and they found the little gaps they could squeeze through into the garden, so they pulled up corn, beans, pumpkins... I bet they had fun!

Then, we are having a little bonfire and inviting folks over for s'mores and "late b-day" gathering for Steve. I got permission to have a "warming" or "campfire" (fire season started yesterday) so I'll make sure to have the hose close. The rest of the weekend will be spent working around the place, maybe going upriver, and then to the local firework show (which is being held on Saturday and irritates me). I am trying to stay away from the computer this weekend to help get stuff done, so I wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July in advance!


  1. I see nothing wrong with short & sassy! ;)

    Glad you had so much fun on your learning experience! You've been awfully busy but I hope you enjoy hubbies vacation!

  2. Thanks for getting us caught up on what's been going on. Happy belated to your hubby. Even if you just catch up on stuff around home on his "vacation" it's still different than the usual routine and can re-energize you all.

    I'd make an effort to stay in touch with Wendy. Friends who "click" like you and she do are worth driving 45 minutes to see/be with!

    APG, you and me . . . the vertically challenged need to stick together. ;o}

  3. You have been very busy, lady, but it sounds like it's been full of productive work as well as fun! There's no better feeling than that :)

  4. every time I tried chiming in her I was interrupted ---oh,the usual,but i;m glad you are getting a few things accomplished.another 4th of July without celebrating [ the wrong way ]]wink wink---------------------- .) .)