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Monday, June 13, 2011

Comfrey Tea and Life's blooming all over (Picture heavy)

Ok, first off, I have decided my worries about finances, Steve's job (big budget cuts coming up) and life are wearing me out. Instead of worrying about it, it's time to follow the things that my 12 step program has taught me and step up and start being positive. I need to work on the things I can and let go of the things I can't. So, "just for today" I will live life grateful for the things I have and the things I can control. I will get off my butt and get some things accomplished.

I have some "Comfrey Tea" brewing out by the greenhouse. I read that it starts to really smell after a few days, so I decided outside was a better location. I found information all over the internet on it, and decided since my comfrey plants were growing great guns, I'd make some fertilizer from it. This page has basic information on comfrey and the tea. I also have a bucket of rabbit manure tea brewing up.

Everything is growing at our house. Out of 37 eggs that my stupid hen tried to sit on (and I rescued and put in the incubator), I had 30 chicks hatch and only 1 of those so far has not made it. Because of the time frame that they were laid in, I have chicks from 1 month old to 4 days old. I sold 12 of them, so that is good. The older ones are hanging out in the greenhouse right now.

Here are some of the things blooming around our place right now, and probably the reason my allergies are so intense, but since the beauty outweighs the discomfort, I'm okay with that.

The yellow rose on the porch.

The wild Azalea my great-grandparents planted 40 some years ago.

The front bed with the iris, columbine, and odd and ends.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? I got it two years ago from my friend Lisa (who works at Backwoods Home Magazine in town-how exciting is that?)

A close-up of the bloom.

The Cecil Bruner rose that I was able to successfully start from old growth off the the original huge bush that we had to pull out when we put our new home in. I am excited to see it growing so well on the back porch. I wish I could find a way to let you all smell it when it's heavy in bloom and the weather is warm. It's wonderful.

Gonna close with a shot of the misty morning we are having here in on the southern Oregon coast. Gonna get the sheepie's sheared tomorrow, so I'll post before and after pictures. Have a hope, joy and faith filled day.


  1. The misty morning shot is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the beauty, I think you are on the right path, you have all the tools and know how to use them, girlfriend!

  2. You are right Ruth-Be thankful for what we have and not for what we don't. Did you really say rabbit manure tea?

  3. Thanks for the picture-filled update around your place. Beautiful blooms! When we send out positive (appreciative) vibrations, they attract more of the same to us. Someone once said worrying is dreaming what your future will be like. So let's stop that!