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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giveaway and other stuff!

Check out this cool giveaway at Krazo Acres. Homemade goats milk soap! Hoping I win!

Working on getting the garden in, and it's almost done. I mulched the tomato plants with all the cut grass. The chicks are growing, the sheep are sheared and our county fair and 4-H livestock auction is just over a month away. Wow!

I'm picking up 16 gallons of goats milk from friends tomorrow. It will go to the pigs and the bottle calf. What a wonderful gift!

Lyndsey is having a camp counselor bonding sleep-over Saturday night. 18 teens, plus or minus a couple, guys and girls camping out in the yard. They are all good 4-H kids, but yes, I will be sleeping out with them, cause I'm not stupid. These kids will be counselors next week at the 4-H camp, so we thought it'd be fun for them to have a night around a campfire, playing flashlight tag, etc.

The neighbors are having a family reunion with approximately 100 people hanging out, and they aren't that far away (about 100 yards) so I'm not too worried about the kids being loud.

That's about it for now, I'm yawning!

Have a hope, joy and faith filled weekend.


  1. My boys go to 4-H camp every year, thank Lyndsey for everything she does, teen mentors are so important to kids at the age where they think their parents are stupid LOL! 4-H counselors rock!

  2. you must be so proud of Lyndsey.I saw some of the pictures you posted. She is a beautiful young girl.my grandson found a job at a local $2.00 theater. yesterday he brought his brother to his job to hang out and watch movies. I was getting worried -there sibling rivalry and all.I guess things are OK between them. Its nice you have wonderful giving friends-DRINK -UP PIGGIES-HAVE ONE FOR ME--LOL

  3. Ha! You think you're tired now? Wait until after the 4-H sleep-over! It's generous of you to volunteer to have the get together at your place. Anything we can do to encourage kids like your daughter and her group is worth it a thousand times over.