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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A worthless week.

Actually, that is not true, as nothing is worthless. However, this week has been frustrating and complicated and I feel like I've gotten nothing valuable done.

I submitted my middle daughter's FAFSA a couple month ago, marking that we would be filing taxes later. So, her application got selected for review by the college financial aid department. One of the things they need is copies of our tax returns. I called them and told them I had filed an extension due to starting my home business and didn't have the taxes done yet. They said "No problem, we just won't issue her financial aid until you've done them." Yes, that is a problem, as she is taking summer classes. So, I have to get busy and get the taxes filed ASAP. Not to mention we owe, so I've got to arrange a payment plan.

Then, both of our vehicles were in the shop last week. We had scheduled my husband's truck to go in while he was away on training. Then my car started overheating. So I took it into the shop and borrowed my dads truck since they are out of town. It uses more gas than our vehicles...MUCH more gas! My car is done, but Steve's is not (why did we bother scheduling an appointment?) so since I am working my temp job this week, we still need two rigs, so I am still driving the gas-eating truck. I stay in town in between my 1 hour shifts so as not to waste gas, but it's a waste of my time.

Now I need to post what has gone right to make me feel better. We are weaning the lambs and getting the ewes out into the grass for an hour or so each day, gradually extending it so they don't get sick. The weaning is going alright, though the screaming is starting to get on my nerves. Hoping by this weekend we can leave the ewes out all day and save some money on grass hay.

Bella is finally turning the corner on not chasing the neighbor's poultry. The other day we came up from feeding the livestock and his ducks were in my feed shed. They took off running. Bella started to run after them, then put on the brakes and stopped. She looked back at me like "I didn't do it!" I made a big deal, giving her pets and hugs and loves. Of course later that day she chased my sister's cats and wouldn't stop when I hollered, but at least it wasn't poultry.

Lyndsey may have an "intern" position at the local library this summer helping with the summer reading program. I asked about it when I saw it posted and they said that it had an age requirement of 16 years old, so she wasn't quite old enough. Then, last evening I got a phone call from the children's librarian and an e-mail from the assistant librarian to tell me they'd looked up the law and she was old enough. Since they both know her and know our families love of reading, they are excited to have her apply. I want to find out if it's a paid internship or volunteer, and if it's volunteer we'll have to warn them if she finds a paying job she might have to withdraw.

Hearing a rumor through the weatherman we might actually have a dry weekend, which would be great. We want to move the pigs into a new area and have to build a shelter for them, put up livestock panels on one side of the field and string the solar electric fence so they stay out of my sister's field. Also want to kick the chickens out of the garden area so we can maybe think about tilling in a week or so. The rain has made it impossible to start even thinking about the garden.

There, I found positives to compensate for my negatives... Hope, joy and faith heading your way for the same!


  1. Busy gal! So many more people will be using financial aid this year too, so make sure you get busy on those taxes so you can get the amount you need! Sorry about the car situation, gas prices are horrible. Glad things are getting better with the animals!

  2. What a lot on your plate. And it sounds like your weather is terrible too. Oh, for some warmth and sunshine!

  3. When it rains it pours in more ways then one, huh? Well I hope your vehicles get squared away and that you have time to concentrate on your taxes.

    How wonderful for your daughter to have a potential job/internship with the library! Hopefully it pays and she can do something you all love.

    Keep your chin up! Very good of you to balance the good with the bad!

  4. Ya know, I used to think that all these little "unexpected" glitches that came up were unusual happenings that . . . well, don't normally happen. But the older I get (and the crazier/faster life seems to be pushing us), the more I think I just have to reconcile myself to the fact that it is all just LIFE! Like it or lump it, I have to learn to roll with what comes along. Sure, we can try to be organized and get things done in a timely manner but we just can't always plan for the unexpected.

    So what did I just say? Might as well give up 'cause we have no control? Sit and cry and wail, "Woe is me!" Nah. But I do need to get a handle on my own emotions and reactions to life's "events." (Gee, after that pep talk I just gave myself, I feel lots better. Oh wait, this is YOUR blog . . . and I made it all about me. Whoops.) Sending hugs to you, Busy Lady. :o}