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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tired today, I wonder why? And the winners are?

First off, Book giveaway winners Mama Pea and Rachael were the book winners. I can't find Rachael's contact info, so If someone knows her, please pass this on.

Hmmm... I've been reading Jenna's blog and decided to take her example and write about a day in my life at home. I picked Monday, which was a not normal day.

It was a busy day yesterday, but not real productive til later.

I got up about 6:30 am, had a cup of coffee and puttered in the house. Steve had already fed and moved the calves to the back yard. About 7:30 am, I went and fed critters (so nice not to have to pack 25 lbs of wet senior feed down to the pens for Red) and waited for the call from the guy who was buying the calves. Of course it started raining outside, so I moved the calves back into the greenhouse. He called, said he was on his way, then called back and said he could only afford 1 of them. Damn, I didn't want two calves. I made a deal and told him he could take both and pay me later. Us "country folk" gotta stick together. That was about 10 am, so I figured he'd be here at about 11:30 am. I moved "Piggy" into the back yard (fenced with lattice) since Carhartt would be the only calf here and he could go down to the "baby pen". Then I started puttering outside. I didn't have anything I wanted to start, since I'd have to stop. I put a bucket of milk replacer outside the greenhouse door to tempt the calves out when he arrived. I walked off and did something. About 10 minutes later, I came back and found the milk spilled. The dogs were kenneled up, so I thought maybe a crow did it. Very strange. I turned around and saw Piggy sitting on her fat lil' butt in the pump house. She'd lifted the lattice fence up in the backyard up with her nose and was enjoying her freedom. She looked a little startled, probably thought she was in trouble from spilling the bucket. I let her wander loose for awhile (she comes when I call her, she minds better than the dogs) then put her out in the garden with the chickens, who were not thrilled with the strange addition to their flock.

About then I noticed that Levi's (the calf)scours were back. Great! Just what I needed. The buyer was on his way and I had a sick calf. I absolutely refuse to sell an animal without being totally honest. I had already told the guy that the calf was sick last week, but he had gotten better. Now this! I gave him some scour medication and watched him for awhile. He was still jumping around and happy, so I figured I'd leave it up to the buyer, especially since I was letting him make payments.

Time passed, still no buyer. I called his phone at 1 pm and left a message. I was starting to get mad. I have a bad habit. I am too nice sometimes, and I started to worry that I had gotten taken after holding the calves for an extra week. I kept doing odds and ends outside, but I didn't start any major projects. Finally, about 1:45 pm, they showed up. He brought 4 bags of sheep feed, 3 bags of pig feed and a bale of straw, with him as I'd instructed, totaling $86. I told him about the scours, he wasn't too concerned. But, he was in a truck with no canopy. His buddy, the supposed "cow" guy, says "I didn't think they'd be that big, I thought we could just put them in the bed and let 'em wander." Huh? Idiot! So I go find some cotton rope and a towel to rip in half and a blanket. As we lay Levi in the truck (sick calf) we noticed some icky stuff on his belly. Looks like an ulcerated umbilical hernia, and it's nasty looking. I felt bad, I had never noticed it and other than the scours, Levi seemed fine. So, I tell the guy to not worry about paying me for him. The guy is happy with that. I am not thrilled, but the truth is, he's had scours twice, and with the looks of the ulceration, it could get nasty. I don't have the time, energy or money to deal with it right now. So, we tie the legs with rope, wrap the towels around their faces, leaving noses uncovered, and cover them with a blanket. I'm not happy with that, but it's not up to me, so... In the end, I still come out about $36 ahead in profit, plus no gas costs or time to go get the feed, since the guy brought it here.

A quick change of clothes and I headed to town. I dropped off a kennel I had borrowed to bring Piggie home in, stopped at the local food bank and picked up 7-8 boxes of food for the chickens (scavenger that I am, I got a bag of carrots, an onion, a cantalope, a sweet potato, and will be sorting through strawberries today to freeze the good ones. The waste astounds me. If the stores would donate a little earlier, more people would take it. That will have to be another post.

I stopped quickly at the store, picked up Lynz and her friend, ran home and fed the critters. My day revolves around am and pm feedings. When Steve got home, we moved Carhartt to the "calf pen" and he got his first full gallon of milk replacer. He almost couldn't finish it. Then, I ran Lyndsey and her friend back to town for their 4-H camp counselor training and came home and cooked dinner. In between this, I managed to get severely pissed off at the hubby for what he told his mom during their phone conversation, but I won't give you the gory details, he is such a twit!

After dinner, he left to go pick up bread from the local guy who gives us old bread for the pigs and chickens. I proceeded to unload and sort the produce, gave the sheep some corn husks and let Piggy wander while I was doing it. Then, I cleaned out the greenhouse/nursery from the calf mix and set it up for Piggy to sleep in. At night she can be there and during the day she can play in the garden with the chickens. I went and locked the chickens up and found dead hen in a nest. No signs of "fowl" play (sorry, couldn't resist)Then, I came in the house, started some bananas that I got from the above mentioned produce in the dehydrator, and boiled 3 large stock pots of chicken legs/thighs that were frozen and then freezer burnt. I will do another 3 pans today. They weren't mine, so don't chew me out for letting 'em get ruined. (We won't mention the things I freezer burn). I will feed 'em to the chickens. (I know, cannibalism!)

I put away the dishes in the dishwasher, put the clean sheets on the bed (only took 2 days for the sheets to get on there-we slept w/out sheets for 2 nights), folded and put away laundry, straightened the house and then played on the computer til about 10:45 pm.

I can honestly say I will never describe my day again. I'm exhausted all over again just typing this. Have a day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. I got winded just reading about your day LOL! Seriously, I love having a peek at your day! I can't believe the way that guy wanted to transport the calves! I get mad even when I see a dog in a pickup bed, but that's because working for a vet I saw at least 3 serious injuries and 2 dogs have to be put down over the years I worked there because someone tied them in a truck bed and they fell/jumped out with the owners not noticing as they drove down the road dragging a tied dog over the side, ugh! You sure are good about the bartering and such, would be nice to live in such a community!

  2. Is that ALL you managed to get done yesterday? Such a fluff-off you are! ;o} Seriously, isn't it amazing when do something like this (writing down your whole day's activities) to realize how very much there is to do in a day's time? No wonder we feel exhausted some nights.

    I'm tickled to be one of the winners of your giveaway books. Thanks for making them available to all of us.

  3. The worst part is knowing this is probably an average day. But, I guess one has to look at it from the standpoint of --who has time to be bored???
    I wrote down what I did once, and will NEVER do it again--I tick myself off doing that.