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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rambling thoughts... need feed, sunshine and cash, not necessarily in that order!

Our feed order didn't come yesterday, was postponed til today, of course, his truck broke down, so hopefully tomorrow, but not in the morning please! I have to go out of town for a couple hours at 8 am, so knowing my luck, it'll be in the morning. Of course, it rained all night, all day and is forecast tonight and tomorrow. That means he will not be able to back his truck into the field by the lean-to, so he'll have to unload in the garage. That means that Steve and I will have the fun task of moving ten 170 lb bales of hay to the lean-to later on. Dang it! And, I am almost out of calf milk replacer, so if the feed order doesn't make it tomorrow, Carhartt won't be a happy boy. He's not a real friendly guy anyway, the only way to get close to him is to be holding his bucket of milk. Since he's only about a month and a half (approximately, we have no real idea when he was born) old, I'm not ready to wean him yet.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the horrific tornadoes. I can't imagine how awful it is. Our weather is always wet this time of year, and we've seen many a rainy Memorial Day Weekend, but right now we are having almost winter storm weather, with wind, rain and chilly temps. My garden is tilled, but nowhere near ready to plant, the tomatoes I already planted outside are pretty much shot, thank goodness I have backups in the greenhouse, and the only thing growing good are my cabbages. I am in the mood for a nice bonfire, but that's not happening anytime soon. Maybe Lyndsey and I will be brave and sleep in the greenhouse this weekend... I love "camping" and even the greenhouse is better than nothing.

My car is back in the shop, for like the 5th time for the same problem. The mechanics in this town are so lackadaisical and don't listen to us when we tell them the problem. I've been borrowing my step-dad's truck while they are in Washington, but it uses a lot of gas and they are coming home next Thursday. So, we will only have one rig. Though I don't work right now, I do have 3 days of work next week, so either I'm gonna have to drive Steve and Lyndsey to town 3 miles at 7:30 am, come home,go to work at 10:30 am, come home at 11:30 am, go back to work at 2:00 pm, come home at 3:00 pm and then go back in at 5:00 pm to get Steve and Lyndsey, or go into town in the morning and stay in town all day. I have no clue how much the repairs on my car is going to cost, and we just paid for Steve's truck. An old friend of mine has two cars for sale right now, a 93 Chevy Corsica and a 90 Subaru with only 60 K on it. She is only asking $300 apiece and I believe her when she says they run decently, they are just old. I am debating going ahead and at least picking up one of them so we have a back-up for when we don't have the second rig available. She says she'll take payments from us... the problem is money is so tight right now I'm not sure where to get the payments from. I am gonna look at my so-called budget... I know I overspend by stopping at the store too often because I don't plan ahead, spending probably $25 a week that I don't need to. There's $100 a month for a payment right there... We are going to go drive the cars this weekend and let Lyndsey drive the automatic, since that will be her car. She is learning to drive manual with her dad, but she scares me to death with it, so I will teach her on an automatic. But, the main issue is money. I know money is the root of all evil, and it can't buy happiness, but it could ease a little stress for me right about now...

Stay safe, my friends, and look for Hope, Joy and Faith everyday!


  1. I have to chime in! Go for the Subaru! I will own nothing but Subies, even when they become rust buckets they still start and run and will get you around in snow and mud to boot. I've known a couple of people who had Corsicas back in the 80's and early 90's and even when new they were giving them problems. Subaru LOVE! Wish we lived closer and hubby could spruce it up for you, he just loves working on them. FYI those are pancake engines so if you know someone who is good at working on VW's they will be able to work on Subarus too pretty easily.

    The calf picture is awesome, you even seemed to capture his "leave me alone" personality in the photo LOL! I hope the feed thing straightens out and you are able to enjoy some of the holiday weekend!

  2. I think Carhartt is a good-lookin' little boy. Too bad he must not have received much human contact/attention earlier on. But I know you'll win him over.

    I agree with Erin on the Subaru. We don't have anything but "old" cars. Our wonderful, totally trusted mechanic says new cars are *&^! and the only way to go is with the older, simpler-to-maintain cars.

    If I had my way, ALL kids would learn to drive on manual transmissions. Just from a safety standpoint, you never know when you might have to drive one in an emergency. And if you've only driven an automatic, it's the same as not having a vehicle at all.

    (Geesh, I'm bossy this morning!) Have a good, good weekend! :o}

  3. P.P.S. Please don't say you "don't work right now." Seems to me you're working your little tush off! Society doesn't give women nearly enough credit for what they do WORKING at home. Our American life as we know it is falling apart because there is no longer anyone at home holding things together and acting as the glue for a family. (I won't even get into the fact that children are being raised by school teachers and day care providers!) You are also starting your own business and picking up as many hours as you can to bring $$ into the budget. YOU ARE WORKING right now! So don't forget it! Okay? Hrumpf.

  4. I wholeheartedly second Mama Pea's comment! Of course I would, since I'm a stay at home mama too with limited funds LOL! It's all too easy to just buy junk to put in our kids' mouths and let them think their meat comes in nugget form, but we are trying our best to do what's right for our families - and sometimes it's rough, but you ARE appreciated and you work very hard doing it!

  5. I'm gonna add something and probably get shot for it...everyone should know how to ride a motorcycle too! Not for wheelies and crazy stuff. But think about it, if your only means of escape was on 2 wheels and you didn't know???? Now I just need to learn to drive a big rig semi and I will be all set. If it's like a manual car, I will just kill it a few times till it warms up to me :)