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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No hubby at home and learning to say no!

I am a single mom for this week and it's wonderful. Steve left on Mother's Day at noon for training and he'll be gone til Friday evening. When he told me he was going to be gone for 5 days, I had to work hard to keep the Cheshire Cat grin off of my face. Now please don't get me wrong. I love my husband! He's a great guy and a excellent dad. However, when he is gone, it's time to relax. No cooking, no one surfing the channels, just Lyndsey and I hanging out and unwinding. I was proud of myself also because I managed not to laugh when he said "You'll have to take care of the feeding and chores by yourself"... Hee hee! I do it by myself anyway (he helps on weekends but with me being unemployed, I do it all during the week). The only change to my schedule is that I have to get up a little earlier and drive Lyndsey to school (the bus route doesn't go up our road) and pick her up. For a weeks work of relaxation, I think I can handle that.

We went out to brunch on Mother's Day and then we dropped him at the office to meet the co-worker that was going to the training with him. I came home with intentions of getting the house picked up and clean so I could feel like I was "ahead of the game" but ended up with an intestinal bug and spent the afternoon resting on the couch. Lyndsey said I spent it snoring, but I don't believe her. The funny thing is that I don't have the bed to myself. Lyndsey sleeps with me when Steve goes out of town. I tease her about being 15 and sleeping with her mommy, but she ignores me. Since she slept with us til she was about 4, it's just part of our routine when one of the parents is gone.

I have been feeling a bit taken advantage of lately. Last year I paid one of my 4-H'ers to build me two rabbit hutches (with 3 individual cages). I bought the supplies, gave him my two old cages when he brought the first hutch out and paid him. Needless to say, I have yet to see the 2nd hutch. He dropped out of the club, so I've been nagging him on facebook. Hopefully he'll follow through soon. Also, we sold our old Ford to a local guy who is well-liked in the community and I've known him for years. We were asking $300, and did a partial trade. The deal was he paid $150 and would get our old quad running. Of course, almost two months later, we haven't seen hide nor hair of him. Idiot that I was, I had given him the title, as the it was due to expire soon. I contacted him the other day and he says "Oh, I forgot, I'll be out next weekend". Why do I do stuff like that... I know better!

Last fall, I milked goats for a lady for almost two weeks (that's a whole article in itself). I brought home 20 some gallons of goats milk and made about $260, but I had to drive 20 miles round trip a total of 14 trips. She called me the other day to ask me if I'd milk the one doe she had milking for a week or so if she brought them out to my house and paid me. I said I could. When I called her, it turned out to be 2 does to milk, she really didn't want to bring out the milk machine (I insisted, I am not a good milker and I have arthritis in my right hand), and it turned out to be from May 18 until June 4th, well, maybe the 8th or 9th, she wasn't sure. Also, the deal she had with the other lady who boarded her goats before was that she brought feed for the goats and paid $2 a day per goat and I'd keep the milk. I wasn't feeling real positive, but said okay. After thinking about it, I started getting irritated. I would be bringing the two does from a lean-to with a small pen, navigating my 4 sheep, calf and mini-horse (and the mini would be a pain, as she'd be "protecting her sheep".) up to my garage where the milk machine would be. I'd be milking both does, then re-navigating them back to their pen. I'd then have to take the milk machine apart and bring it into the house to run through the dishwasher and when it was clean, take it back out to the garage. Twelve hours later I'd repeat the whole process. I decided that it just wasn't worth it. I spent all night working up my courage to call her and tell her I couldn't do it. Yes, I told a small fib, saying I forgot we might have plans for Memorial Day. I am a wuss and I don't like disappointing people, even if it is at my inconvenience. After the phone call, I felt so relieved. I like to do nice things for people, but there is a definite pattern here. People know I'm easily taken advantage of. It ends up wearing me out and making my family and animals suffer. This is something I am making a vow to work on!

Thanks for "listening" to my ramblings... Have a wonderful day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. I had to laugh since I totally "get" the husband being gone thing. There are times when mine is here for a several month stretch and I'll say "don't you have a deployment or something you need to go on?", I'm just not used to him being around all the time and get used to my "me" time really being mine when the kids go to bed LOL. You definitely sound busy!

  2. Ugh, Ruth! You are too good to people. I am sending big, brass things your way. Pfft!! Heck, who am I kidding, I'm no better. Why do we do these things to ourselves???

    Glad you were able to get out of it. You are one of the kindest people around, no doubt. So you are entitled to a little fib on this one.

    Hope you enjoy your hubby-less time!

  3. daughter 15 sleeping with you-well mine is 34-not sleeping with me but has been at my house for a week-her and the kids had and have the bug thing,but the trouble is she can't go home yet, her tranny went out lucky me- I want to be husbandless,kidless ,grown-up kid less did I forget anyone?