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Friday, May 6, 2011

I need a time-out!

I'm cranky, tired, sleeping weird the last few nights (dreamed I was in a high school math class), and feeling a little overwhelmed, partially suffering from some PMS. This happens on a regular basis, it's nothing a few double-stuffed Oreo's won't help fix.

I found a great home for Piggie, the pot-bellied pig and they bought my chain-link kennel, so along with the adoption fee a few extra dollars were made. Also, I made the decision to find a home for Blackjack, the fiber sheep we had been fostered/adopted. He was a sweet boy, but the reality is that I really have no desire to learn to spin. Also, since Lyndsey wants to expand her market lamb breeding project, a fat, shetland-cross wether isn't going to be able to contribute to that. Finances are getting tighter right now (a large part of my stress) so I need to focus on feeding the mouths that will help us out. I am going to miss him (well, except for that annoyingly loud "baaaaaa" that comes out of his mouth every time he hears the door open) but he will be living with a flock who's owner of a wool factory. She was very excited to see his coloring and says he'll live a long and happy life with her. I feel really good about it.

I finally got a Mini-Rex buck for my ladies. He is black and his name is Midnight.

Since he's about two, I went ahead an ordered another buck from the breeders. He'll be one of the spotted ones from this litter.

They also had a beautiful Blue Otter Mini-Rex doe, Stella, that they were nice enough to give me for a breeding doe.

Steve took Lyndsey today to take her learner's permit test to drive. My little girl got me good! She told me on the phone at 3:00 pm that she didn't pass. I felt so bad for her. They got home and she was really quiet. I told her to study this weekend and I'd take her on Monday to re-take it. She said she didn't know if she wanted to so soon, that the test was hard. Then, finally at 6 pm, I opened my laptop up and her permit fell out. She admitted she had been teasing me... Lil' brat! Of course, I do stuff like that to her all the time, so I guess I can't blame her. She is still laughing about it.

Well, off to bed, maybe a good nights sleep will help. Tonight I will probably dream I'm living with a pack of wild dogs. I'm dog-sitting the next few days for a friend, so I'll be in the spare bed tonight with our two dogs and the two extras all on the bed competing for space. I won't make Steve try to sleep with them all on our bed, I'm too nice for that. Hee-hee! Well, truth is, the way he sleeps leaving the TV on and snoring, I'll sleep better with the dogs.

Wishing you all hope, joy and faith!


  1. Love the bunnies-so sweet!

  2. ok, how did they get those bunnies to line up and stay still long enough for a pic?

    Hope you got some rest! And feeling better.

  3. Congrats to Lindsey for getting her learner's permit. That's a big step in the life of a teen.

    Seems like we're all still struggling a bit with the ugly-buglies. Is it something in the air? I'm gonna get the best of 'em though. I've decided to grin like an idiot and pretend all is A-Okay. Hey, maybe it will help bring good vibes to all of us! (But I gotta agree that getting good, restful, restorative sleep would help a LOT, wouldn't it?) Hang in there, Good Bloggy Friend!

  4. Good for you, sometimes we don't always listen to the voice that tells us "enough" when it comes to finances, great decisions. Hope you get some restful sleep tonight!