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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cute play kitchen, a guilty pleasure and other stuff.

I don't have little ones any more, but after seeing this, I wish I did. I don't yet have a "look-ahead" imagination to see a entertainment center become something like this. Wow!

Getting a feed delivery today. We don't have a feed store in town (the closest is 45 minutes away) so often times locals will get together and place an order and they'll deliver for a fee. When you split the fee 3 or 4 ways, it costs way less than spending the time and gas money to drive 1 1/2 to 2 hours round trip, plus he unloads. So, 10 bales of 3 strand grass hay, 2 bags of pig feed, 2 bags of multi-livestock feed for sheep and horse and a bag of calf milk replacer comes to $255.95. Ouch!

I need to work on council minutes, Michelle's financial aid for college and taxes this week. I have gotten my housework done first thing so I can sit at the computer for periods of an hour or so before I take a break. It makes it easier to concentrate when I have the laundry folded, etc. Plus I'm a procrastinator, so doing the chores gets me out of doing the stuff like taxes that I don't want to do. LOL At least I'm honest, right?

And now, my guilty pleasures. Since I don't smoke, don't drink (12 plus years sober) and don't do other bad stuff, I had to come up with a few guilty pleasures. The worst one? I LOVE Twinkies! There, I said it! Also, I watch and love American Idol (come on Scotty McCreery) and Glee. We watch them as a family, so it counts as quality time, right?

Wishing you hope, joy and faith always!


  1. I have to admit Glee is my guilty pleasure, too...and reading really cheesy speculative fiction.

  2. congratulations on the 12 years.I am from a family with a long line of AA.AND ALONON. I NOT A FREQUENT FAN OF IDOL BUT I HAVE SEEN SCOTTY -HE;S GOOD I THINK HE WILL WIN

  3. Twinkies?! TWINKIES?? Okay, so which is worse for us? Your Twinkies or my potato chips? (You must be a sweet person and I'm a salty one, eh?)

  4. Seriously, the cost of feed has gone WAY up lately - it's killing me! I love that you've got neighbors who want to do a joint-purchase like that, helps a alot, doesn't it?!
    I just finished filling out FAFSA forms for one of my sons starting college. Gosh, talk about invasive. I bristled through the whole form. grrrr.
    And hey, congrats on your 12 years. That is no small feat. ((hug))
    -danni in nw oregon

  5. Ouch is right! Hubby and I made a little kitchen on wheels for our kids out of repurposed stuff, I should post on it someday, it was pretty cool! I hope everything turns out great on the financial aid front, those forms are annoying but SO worth it!