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Thursday, April 21, 2011

When it rains, it pours... Calves!

So, after not getting a beef calf from a distant cousin, who has had a bummer for us the last two years, we bought Levi and Wrangler (formerly Stauss, I'll explain in a minute). I really preferred a beef calf, but for the price, a dairy calf is ok, and we got two for a back-up. So, both babies are eating fine from their bottle buckets, up to a quart twice a day, with no problems.

Today, I get a message on my phone from my cousin saying "Hey, got a weak calf, I've been trying to feed it, but I have to go out of town tomorrow for the weekend and he may not make it. Do you want him? So off we go to bring him home. He's up on the mountain with the rest of the herd, so we climb on the 4-wheelers and head off. I wish I'd had my camera with me, it was beautiful up there... Anyway, we feed the cows and calves and see our boy. Weak, heck! He took off as soon as he realized we were after him. Steve did a beautiful flying leap and tackled him. We loaded him in the hay trailer and Steve tied up his legs. He didn't do the best job, as partway down the hill, he decided he wanted out. Since I was in the trailer with him, I had the fun job of hanging on to him. I grabbed him and tipped him on his side. Dang, I have a whole new appreciation for the calf ropers in the rodeos. It ain't easy! After he was down, I threw my leg over his neck and pinned him to the floor. Bouncing and sliding around, we made our way down the mountain. We loaded him in the backseat of the car and I climbed in with him to hold him down (You know you're a redneck when you bring baby calves home in the backseat of your Mercury Tracer).

That was the easy part. After getting him home we took him out to the "nursery" (greenhouse) to meet the other boys. He resisted the bottle, so it may take a while to get him interested in it. I put down some alfalfa hay and he started munching on that right away. He's a bit over a week old and his poop is nice and green, so hoping he got a good start. So, now the reason for "Strauss's" name change to Wrangler. We named the new calf "Carhartt" and this way we have 3 "brands"...

I'll keep you posted re: if he takes the bottle... Gonna be just a bit busier around here now...


  1. Carhartt looks like he's gonna be a big bruiser! We sure have to get our heads in the right place when we're raising animals for our meat, don't we? They all have personalities and when bottle fed, especially, it's hard not to form some attachment to them. But these days it's so important knowing where the food on the table comes from so this is the way to do it.

    Got a kick out of your story of getting this latest addition.

  2. OMG I wish you would have gotten a photo of you all in the car LOL! I bet he will do fantastic, congrats, he's a beauty!

  3. It seems that all the animals gravitate to your house. Everyone knows who to call ;)

  4. I'm in love! Gosh they are the cutest buggers! Oh how I would have loved for you to have your camera!!!

    What do you mean you aren't supposed to put cows in your car? It's that darn rule book again! We need to find and clobber the autthor of that book. They didn't consult with us!


  5. Your calves are so cute!! I imagine it will be busy around your house for awhile,but a good busy!!! Gotta love those calves enjoy. Blessings jane