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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Books to Giveaway...

It's time again for a book giveaway... I have been doing spring cleaning and sorting, keeping my books that I must have, and want to read again and again and again (well, you get the picture) and setting aside other ones to find new homes for. This allows me to get new books for my shelves (tho my motto is you can never have too many books). As a matter of fact, I just got Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades yesterday.

Actually, I have two books to give away this time. Please comment with which book you'd like to get, and I'll put your name in the feed scoop.

Chickens: A Beginner's Handbook
has good basic information for chicken owners, even experienced ones. It's written simply, with some good pictures. It's for the person who wants to have healthy chickens without all the fuss.


Farmstead Magazine's Guide to Animal Husbandry is an older book (now out of print, I believe) that has "tested and prove methods for raising all types of farm animals from pigs, cows, and ducks to horses, chicken and bees."

We had a couple of days of nicer weather here over the weekend and so I got some outdoor stuff done. Now the rain is back and there's a little snow on the hills. I woke up this morning to a headache which could be due to some stress (car's in the shop again, hubby and teenager back to their usual "mom is our slave" attitude, etc) or the weather change and allergies. Was going to get a lot done today, but have a feeling that isn't happening. I did get an extension on our taxes as there is a lot of stuff I found out I can claim for job searches, etc that I need to pull together when I am more coherent. I do have to borrow my mom's car to take my eggs in to sell, so I'll have to at least brush my hair and take off my boots and put on clean shoes for that...

Anyway, let me know which book you'd like to win and I'll get you entered. Good luck from Hope, Joy and Faith Farm!


  1. Please put my name in the scoop for the animal husbandry book. I'd love to take a look-see at that one.

    Hope you're feeling better and ready to tackle things again. I'm having a little trouble wanting to do anything but sleep right now. What's up with that in spring?

  2. you can put my name in the scoop for the animal husbandry book as well...Of course either one I will read..Doesn't hurt to have more info..

  3. These look like great books, thanks for sharing:)