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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Surprise in the mail, peach pancakes and scours!

Bet that title caught your eye, didn't it?

From the Country Farm just sent me a sample of a lotion bar that is incredible. And what makes it extra special is that I had been in contact with her re: the bar and I dropped the ball and never got back to her. Yesterday, in checking my mail box, surprise! I was so excited. I got home and promptly opened the package and tried it. Not greasy, absorbs well and just enough scent to waft into my nose. My hands are in sad shape, I rarely wear gloves and I am hard on them. With the garden, calves, sheep, horses, chickens and all inside chores as well, they are cracked, dry, and have numerous little "boo-boos" on them. I don't like to use lotion often as it feels sloppy, and I forget. So, I put the bar into a little dish I have and I'm leaving it sit on the counter. That way, as I'm running back and forth doing different chores in my "off-balance" manner, I'll spot the bar and take a minute to use it.

I tried a new recipe tonight from Better Homes and Gardens (my mom brought it over to me after she'd read it. It caught my eye and man am I glad it did. Peach pancakes with Chai syrup. Holy cow, tasted wonderful. I can justify them since it's got whole wheat flour and brown sugar, it is somewhat healthy. They were soooo good!

We decided to sell the two Jersey calves, as we really have no use for 2 steers in the freezer at the same time and at the cost of feed, it's silly to raise them up to sell them. So, I posted an ad on Craigslist and made the following deal. The guy will bring $75 worth of pig grower (with an extra bag because he couldn't pick them up for a week) and $75 worth of a feed I use called Text 14 (with an extra bag for the week) suitable for mature horses, sheep, cattle and pigs. I use it for my mini-horse and market lambs. So, I figure I paid $20 for the calve and probably have $30 worth of milk and milk replacer in them, so I'm ahead at least $100, or more, plus I don't have to travel to get the feed. Of course, one of the Jerseys started "scouring". I went ahead and used the homemade remedy of beef consume', powdered pectin, baking soda, salt and water. He is still eating good, but somewhat weak. I am hoping he gets better by Monday when the guy comes. I have someone picking up medication tomorrow. I think it was the switch from the goats milk to the richer powdered milk replacer that, while not causing the scours, maybe exacerbated it. I transitioned them slowly, but who knows... I'm really hoping he gets better. We also may be getting another bummer Angus that we will raise til he's weaned then he'll go back to the ranch he is coming from and we'll get half a beef.

This post is getting long, but a new forever home has been found for Red and he'll be leaving this weekend. It's a 10 hour trailer ride for him, which will be hard, but it's a great place. I'll give you the details when I know for sure that he is leaving us.

Wishing you hope, joy and faith!


  1. Can't wait to hear more about Red's new home!

  2. I'm so glad you got it and like it Ruth! What a nice review! I'm flattered that you want to put it on your blog! I would welcome that! I am currently working on a website that people can order from but don't have one as of yet, so for now you can just contact me via email or through this blog. Thanks again for the plug, I appreciate it so much!