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Friday, April 1, 2011

Red Update

Remember Red, the horse that was seized by the local animal control officer. He's been here three weeks now, and other than his attitude being more positive, I wasn't sure he was better. We finally got a break in the rain so I got his blanket off and the poor guy is loosing hair all over the place. I mean, he is bald in spots.

The officer who is handling the case came out to look at my horse trailer I have for sale (she is a horse owner) and said she was amazed at how much better he looked. Hmmmm... Maybe because I see him every day it is harder to notice the weight gain. So I pulled up the pictures of his first day here.

These were the pictures taken yesterday. Even with the mud and hair lose, he does look better, I guess.

I let him out every day into the large turn-out (after I move the sheep and mini-horse, since the mini is a biotch to him) and yesterday I got this video of him. He loves to roll (don't notice the dogs "snacking". What is it with dogs and manure of any kind?). I am hoping to get some volunteers to help this weekend make a larger turn-out for him.

Just got the hubby good for April Fools. Called him and told him that the Animal Control officer had seized another horse and wanted to bring it out to the house. You should've heard the tone in his voice. Hee hee... I thought it was funny, apparently he didn't.


  1. Oh Ruth, he does looks so much better. Dont be too scared of the hair falling out, that happens with malnutrition. You should be so proud of yourself.

  2. Ruth, he looks SO much better! And by the little video, you can tell he's feelin' pretty good, too. You're working wonders with him. He's so lucky (but then he sure deserved a little luck!) to have you taking care of him.

  3. You are doing a fantastic job with him, Ruth! He does look better and I wouldn't worry much about the hair loss, I'm sure it's part of the cycle of his body getting rid of the old unhealthy stuff and bringing in the new healthy life of being loved and cared for.

    Too funny about the dogs, I remember ours growing up on the sheep farm, always rolling in it or something LOL, and they used to fight over eating the placenta from the ewes... :)

  4. Thank goodness for people like you! You're doing great with him! And that's funny how you tried to get your hubby. I don't know *why* he didn't think that was funny... :)

  5. He does look better! You should feel very proud of yourself. You have done a great thing!

    And your joke on hubby...loved it!!