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Monday, April 18, 2011

New arrivals...

The first video is of the TWO baby Jersey bull calves I brought home today. They will be steers as soon as their important parts drop.

The second video is of the calves and my husband who is trying to get them to follow him. I promised I wouldn't post it on Facebook, but I never said a word about my blog, so here you go...

They were $10 apiece, nice, big healthy calves who took the bottles very well. I wish I could have gotten a video of me trying to feed both of them at the same time, that was an interesting experience. Hope they stay healthy...

Wishing you a week filled with hope, joy and faith...


  1. Gad are those ever cuties!! I love my Jerseys!! You got an excellent deal and on keeping them healthy...a trick is to feed them half of what you think they should eat. Its too easy to let them eat alot in the beginning and that kills their stomachs and that really makes them sick. I know from experience and overfeeding sure is easy to do. My old neighbor always said..to keep them hungry....and quit half way through. and I rarely listened thinking they were still so hungry. I am much smarter now and I leave them wanting.
    Good for you on such a good deal though..you'll do great!!

  2. Loved the videos! I can't believe you got them for $10 apiece, great deal! I can't wait to see how fast they grow, the dogs seem to do really well with them, enjoy - hope you have a big freezer :)

  3. i wonder what my neighbors would think if i brought a pair of these home? i live in and around the city
    " the Beverly hillbillies" but they are soooo cute

  4. They are so cute, and so small.

  5. Ten dollars apiece! Whadda deal. Do keep us updated on their growth . . . bet it will go fast. Your dogs seem to be really good with them. Do you have a fenced in enclosure for them to be in?

  6. What sweet babies they are. I wish we had more room to have a few cows. Our bottle baby Lambert will be loosing his parts this week when the Elasterator arrives. Ewww...