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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Least Favorite Farm Chore!

Everyone has one... that chore that has to be done, that no matter how long I procrastinate, it doesn't magically go away, and little elves don't sneak around at night and take care of it for me.

I would rather clean a thousand chicken houses, pull a million weeds (well, maybe only 10 weeds) and trim a whole flock of sheep hooves rather than (du du du duh) CLEAN THE PIG BUCKETS!

We bring home food from a local restaurant for one of the pigs we are raising. Our 4-H pigs are raised on grower, but the other pig we have can eat "slop" (and that's definitly what it is) along with the grower. The restaurant scrapes the leftovers into a bucket (one of the buckets pickles or mayo comes in) and we pick it up daily and bring it home, divide it into two feedings and feed it the same day to the pig. He loves it. All the gravy, soup, french fries, etc. is like ambrosia to him. However, that means that every day two buckets accumulate that need to be cleaned inside and out, since we can't take them into the restaurant dirty and it wouldn't be healthy for the pig either. I also pick up a bucket every 3-4 days from the local DQ of their tomato ends, lettuce cores, old buns, etc. for my chickens. All told, I have about 12 buckets that I keep clean. All that "stuff" sticks to the inside of the buckets like glue. The easiest way to clean them right now, when it's raining, is to immediately put them under the eaves of the pump house after feeding, on the cement pad and let the rain fill them up. Then, when I've procrastinated as long as I can, I use a dollar tree scrub brush, and clean 'em up. The outside usually gets muddy from being set down in the dirt while opening a gate, or having the dog roll it around trying to clean the last of the goodies from the inside.

When the rainy season stops (that may not happen this year), it means that I grab the hose after feeding, and fill the buckets up and let them sit til I'm down to the last clean buckets. Then, I pull my boots on, roll up my sleeves and get to work with the hose and my scrub brush. The worst times are when Steve has fed the pigs. No matter how many times I tell him he needs to at least rinse the buckets immediately if he doesn't want to stand there til they are full, he "forgets" so there have been times I've had to fill the bathtub up with hot water and soak the buckets in bleach water. Nasty!

Cleo is showing you what I feel like after doing this chore (after putting it off for a week)...

And Lulu is asking when I'm gonna get off my backside and clean the chicken house, since I say I'd rather do that chore...

What's your least favorite farm chore?

Now that I've done the buckets for this week, my outlook is full of Hope, Joy and Faith!


  1. I think mine is definitely the weeds or cleaning the pond - but you have me beat hands down LOL!

  2. Mine is cleaning the animals troughs of the green slimy algae, YUCK!, but someone's gotta do it *wink*

  3. I tend to like anything outside better than anything inside - so even cleaning pig buckets would be better than say cleaning showers or folding laundry. But, the farm chore I would put off if it wouldn't make me feel guilty is worming and trimming the feet of the ram. He is 200 lbs and a bit of a batterer.

    On the plus side, it always goes better than I think it will.

  4. LOL great post! We all do have our least favorite chores. I agree there are barn chores I dislike but I would rather do them than laundry! I don't mind housework, but I use up most of my energy doing the outside stuff. I'm so glad that chore is out of the way and you don't have to worry about it for a little while anyway! :)