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Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg-stra stuff plus the normal daily routine.

We had a relaxing Easter Sunday. We are not religious (we don't go to church), but we are spiritual, and we take the opportunity on holidays like Easter to re-charge ourselves, our bodies and our souls. My sciatic nerve was acting up Saturday night (probably from our rodeo catching a calf, see below) and so I had taken a prescription med to help me sleep. I woke up late for me (8:30 am) and immediately thought "oh no, the animals". My sweet hubby had fed them all and let me sleep. So sweet. Stuff like that doesn't happen often around here for me, so I really made sure to make a big deal of it. When Lyndsey woke up, we shared some chocolate and then started the custard and bread that we were taking to dinner at my moms. I did some farm chores and took a long shower, developed a headache and took a short nap (which didn't help). We went to my mom's (a walk of maybe an eighth of a mile) and had dinner with her, my step-dad, my baby sister and her family. Came home, fed the animals (who were all peeved because we were a couple hours late feeding) and relaxed the rest of the night.

Today, I woke with plans to get a whole bunch of outside stuff done, but of course it rained, hard! In between showers I removed some extra nest boxes that weren't being used and just took up space in the hen house, did some weeding, moved some bricks for a new garden bed, put up some lattice to enlarge the fenced area in our backyard a little more and then for dinner, made some egg salad sandwiches (of course, what else would we have for dinner the day after Easter?) and now I'm just setting relaxing...

My eggs have always come in a variety of shapes and sizes and that's what I love about them. Today I reached under a hen and had to look twice... See the small egg in middle of the front. It's just slightly bigger than a quail egg. I didn't think I had any hens that hadn't been laying for months, so I'm not sure where this came from. Do hen's sometimes regress and lay a small egg after months of laying?

The calves are doing fine. I'm out of goats milk so they are getting powdered milk replacer now, and their poop is showing it. It's smelly and sticky, probably a little too rich. Tonight I watered it down a bit. The new guy, Carhartt, the ranch Hereford, has a real "Kiss my a!!" attitude. He is taking the bottle now, but wants nothing else to do with us. We put them in the garden area on Saturday and it took Steve, myself, four of my 4-H members and two parents to corner him so that I could get an arm around his neck. Today, I put the 3 of them in a small fenced off area in the back yard and they grazed happily. When it came time to go back to the "nursery" (greenhouse) Carhartt followed the bottle like a little dog, right until he got to the door. Then he was off like a shot. The neighbor greatly enjoyed the ensuing entrapment method. I have posted one of the dairy calves on CraigsList, since we don't need three calves (we really don't need two).

Hope you all have a week filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. I love my eggs - I didn't even have to color them this year, since most of my flock are "easter eggers". I am still jealous of your cows - although I want a dairy cow for milking more than I want a steer.

  2. well scorpion gal like myself,-you have a lovely family calf's included-we to spent a peaceful Easter AFTER I SLAVED IN THE KITCHEN FOR 5 HOURS LOL

  3. It sounds like you have a nice weekend. Now what are you going to make with all those eggs.

  4. Your egg assortment looks just like ours. Except we have a couple of banty hens that account for the teeny-tiny eggs. Yep, we have had a full-sized chicken pop out an undersized egg now and then. Just like very occasionally we get one that looks like it couldn't have come out of anything except a goose!

    Hope all your aches and pains disappear and don't come back.

  5. The eggs we get from a friend often include a cute teeny one like that! I'm jealous you live within walking distance of family, that's wonderful!

  6. Erin, it's only wonderful if you get along with said family. My mother doesn't understand the whole "homesteading" and animal thing, (tho she had a garden, canned foods and sewed) and my brother-in-law hates us, and doesn't speak to us ever!

  7. Oh no LOL! Well, there's a few of those in our family tree, too :) Lucky for me I thrive on those dysfunctional family holiday dinners, more blog fodder for me!

  8. Dear Ruth - I'm so glad you decided to follow me, it provided a link to your awesome farm blog! By the way, I also have three daughters, one named Hope. My other two are Paloma (which means dove, symbol of peace) and Rowan. I also have two very dear aunts named Ruth. Nice to "meet" you, and I look forward to reading your blog!