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Friday, April 8, 2011

The dilemmas of a little extra cash

I sold our old horse trailer last night (well, the guy's coming to get it today, so once I have cash in hand, it'll be sold). I got $125 for it and we got it for free then spent $95 on the new floor we put in it. It was old and not worth much more than what we got for it. We hadn't planned on selling it, but we sold the old truck that hauled it, so we really can't use it anymore anyway.

Unless you count the sheep making it into a "playhouse" a use?

I am torn... I want to buy a roll of wire ($80 for a 100' roll of galvanized 2x4" 4' tall) and some soil for the greenhouse to top off the boxes. The wire will be to start our dream of fencing our hillside a little bit at a time. I wonder tho if even tho I'm stocked up on feed for the next month if I should buy more. I also want to take Lyndsey and Steve to a movie. We haven't done anything fun in soooo long that involves outside (off the property) activities). I also wonder if I should go to the dollar tree and stock up on things I'm running low on (bleach, shampoo, etc).

I hate being a grown-up. Time was, and not so long ago, I was the most irresponsible budget'er you ever saw. My mom never taught us about money, tho she has a super-efficient budget, she just always said we can't afford it and never said why. So, now that I'm finally able to see what being responsible is about, I have to talk through things in my head to come to the right decision.

So, after writing this, here's my "decision". I'm going to buy the wire (we can start the fence and then close the backside with the panels we have so the sheep have more grazing room), buy $20 worth of soil to build up the beds (after I add some more composted horse manure), and with the remaining $25 we can go to the cheaper matinee on Sunday. That way we have stuff we need and some fun!

Two says "More grazing room? Get your backside in gear, Grandma (she's Lyndsey's sheep, so I'm Grandma.)

We have a busy 3-day weekend ahead. Steve is off today, so he's hauling above-mentioned trailer out of the muddy pasture ahead of time, we've got lots of little chores and tomorrow's weigh-in for the lambs and pigs! Then maybe the movie on Sunday....

Wishing you all a weekend filled with hope, joy and faith..."


  1. Sounds like you chose wisely and still can have some fun. :o)

    I know our children ALWAYS appreciated everything that was extra, most kids today think it is owed to them or something*sigh*

    We have to purchase wire to re-do our whole chicken run, BOY HOWDY wire sure isn't cheap now-a-days!
    It will be worth it to have a nice run for them and not have to worry about coons, skunk or fox getting in.

    Blessings for your weekend,

  2. Sounds like you made a great decision. I'm sure your kids will enjoy going to the movies and I think it is so much more appreciated when it doesn't come so often.

  3. That's what I love about blogging. By the time you're through typing out a post, you've worked through a problem enough to make a decision that's good for yourself. (Glad we could help. Ha-ha!)

    Other than simple get-togethers with other friends, we did so few things (like none as we had so little money) out and off the homestead that now I look back and feel guilty for not finding a way to do more 'cause I think our daughter was deprived. But she says she never felt that way. There was always plenty to keep her interested and occupied at home. So I guess it turned out okay. But I do know what you mean. Sometimes just treating yourself to some little bit of entertainment away from home can re-energize you and make the everyday stuff go better.

  4. Ruth, I love this post - you summed up perfectly what it's like to make decisions like this! That is a pretty big sum of money to us as well, and I think you made a great decision and compromise, well done, mama!

  5. I'm so happy you left in a small part of the proceeds to enjoy some time 'off the farm' as a family. Let us know what movie you end up seeing!

    I'm not sure how much more soil you're needing to top off the greenhouse, but if you're not talking bulldozer bucket loads and bags may do it, you may want to check out Ace Hardware (if there's one near you). There is currently a rebate on Miracle Grow soil, and I was able to pick up some 1cu bags for $2.99 after the rebate.

    Love those sheep!