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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy day, I'm beat! But it feels good!

Wow, it was crazy today.

Shadow, my "Halloween/Birthday" cat, had to go in at 8:30 am for her "female" appointment (no kitties for us). Then, back home for 2 hours til I went and worked an hour and a half. Then home to feed the baby calves (I have got to get a video of me feeding both calves at the same time-it's hilarious!), then back to work for 2 hours, then to the store, pick up the kid and fly home in time to pull on my rubber boots and bring Red out for his vet check.

The vet was very happy to see how much weight he'd gained and said everything was looking good (even with his horrendous hair loss). The animal control officer was also pretty thrilled about it, which made me feel good. The cost of his feed makes me cringe, but since they are getting donations, it's easier. I sure couldn't afford to pay for it. As a matter of fact, he was doing good enough that she decided to float his teeth. Due to the horrible condition they were in, she will come back in a month to do them again. He did really well, of course, he was very doped up and loopy, so that helped. Luckily the animal control officer brought one of the inmates from the jail with her, a young guy who was strong enough to help support his head. The kid did a great job (he had to hold Red's tongue and lips out of the way also) and was beaming with pride when the vet told him she really appreciated his help. Maybe that'll be some motivation for him to stay out of trouble...

Anyway, Red also got his vaccines updated and some blood drawn also. He got poked so many times. Poor guy! As he was coming around, he was eating grass and would just stop mid-bite... The inmate asked me if he was ok, I said "yep, he just is stoned and forgot what he was doing". Cracked me up when the kid said "Oh, must like me...That's what got me in these orange clothes" and then grinned.

So, hopefully Red will continue to improve and we can start looking for a forever home for him. I love him, but it does add a lot to my daily routine.

Wishing you hope, joy and faith!


  1. Good to hear! Post another pic of Red when you get a chance, I bet he is really happy these days!


  3. Great news to hear Red is doing so well because of your tender, loving care! It would be great to see an updated picture of him. And also a video of you feeding the calves.

    I must have missed something . . . what job are you working now that your work day is broken up into a couple of hours here and there? I mean other than your work day at home which goes on all day, of course!

  4. Mama Pea, it's my "on-call" job for the county, working in the mail room. Yesterday she had extra stuff so I got some extra time in. They officially offered it to me 5 days a week, but it makes no sense to drive into town for at 10:30 am for 1 hour, then have 2 1/2 hours off, (do I go home or stay in town) and then work an hour from 2 pm to 3 pm for only $20. I will do it occasionally for them, but not 5 days a week.

  5. So glad to here Red is doing well. Hopefully someone will give him a great forever home.