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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Warnings and Rescue Red!

I was woken this morning from a sound sleep to a phone call from my sister who lives next door, telling me that there was a Tsunami Warning. I knew we'd be having one, due to the horrible disaster in Japan (saying prayers for all). However, when our siren sounds, A. That means we have 4-6 hours to prepare and get away from the coast and B. We don't live in a tsunami danger area (I live on the coastline, but 3 miles inland, so no real immediate danger). So, needless to say, phone has had texts, phone calls, etc going for hours, along with facebook messages and a friend from town coming up with her daughter and her neighbor, just in case. I will sleep good tonight.

I guess that at 5 am the 1 store that stays open 24 hours was hopping with people trying to prepare. Duh! I have a few things I need to do for "just in case" (get spare propane tank filled and gas cans filled) but I don't need to worry about water, flashlights, food, etc. I'd like to have a little more animal feed here on the property, but we could survive for a while without it. The tsunami waves are not doing any damage so far, they are small, but I see lots of comments about "false alarm". Better to be cautious and safe than sorry. Went to work for an hour, as I was leaving siren sounded again. The surges are getting worse and idiots won't stay off the beaches. I go back to town for an hour at 2 pm then get back home. I am not worried about the tsunami surges, but about the road going out and not being able to get back home.

So, here's the deal with Red, the rescue horse. He was not in bad shape in November (see picture below. He is old, and was thinner, but still in good shape. A good friend of mine, my 4-H co-leader gave him to a man who was supposedly very good with horses. She is so upset right now. 4 months later, he is a mess. They said they had put weight on him. Pictures obviously show different. I want to shoot them. They signed him over to the Animal Control Officer yesterday and needed a place to put him asap. I told 'em I couldn't afford to feed him, can barely afford my own right now, but the local vet is donating senior feed (I am to get him up to 30 lbs a day of senior feed). I posted on facebook for donations and am getting responses. He is a sweet boy and I hope we can pull him around. I don't want to keep him for good but will help him heal. It's good for my soul also...

I'm asking for donations on facebook and craigslist and getting some response, so I'm happy.

Have a day filled with hope, joy and faith, and join me in sending positive thoughts and prayers out to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and on the mainland.


  1. Hoping you escape all nasty weather and/or damages caused by the tsunami. Does anyone else notice more and more "natural" disasters occurring more frequently than in the past?? We certainly are living through times of change, to say the least.

    So glad you are getting the needed help for nursing Red back to health. I know with the TLC and good vibes on your homestead, he will soon show signs of getting turned around. We're all pulling for him and thanking you for what you do.

  2. I went through the big '92 quake when I lived in Ferndale, CA and was part of the team that tracked tsunamis and travel times, it was quite an experience knowing our house had collapsed but still had to work! It must be terrifying for those people in Japan, I have a friend in Guam who was giving us updates but haven't heard anything since early a.m. Hope things are good where you are.

  3. Thank God for people like you and the work you're trying to do for Red. :)

    Hope you stay safe with all the tsunami stuff. Isn't it amazing how idiotic people can be, and not get off the beaches??