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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sheep update, dehydrated potatoes and Fresh Food Groups

First off, Addy and Maddy lost their tails! They look like big girl sheep now! They are eating hay and grain right along with everybody else. Tomorrow I am setting up a creep feeder so that momma can't get in and eat theirs when she is done. I took Addie's splint off, because with the wet weather, it was soaking and I didn't think that was good for her leg. She is running around on all fours without any visible problems.

BlackJack's rope burn is pretty much healed up now and the abscess is gone. His wool is pulling out by the handfuls though, which I find strange. Maybe it's because of his breed (I think Shetland cross) and the fact I don't think he's been sheared for awhile or maybe it's because of the wound, shock to his system and change in eating habits. I can't really tell if he's gaining weight, but I know that after he realized grain was good, he eats it right up.

I made Scalloped Potatoes today using my home dried potatoes and this recipe.This is what it looked like pre-mix.

I added grated cheese to the top mid-way through the baking process and this is what it looked like before we inhaled it.

We liked it, the potatoes re-hydrated pretty good and it was enough for Steve to have a big serving and Lyndsey and I each had a good-sized portion. There are a couple of different things I will do next time. I will cover them with aluminum foil for the first 3/4 of the baking time to help the potatoes soften a little better. Also it was a little bland, so I am thinking I will spice it up a bit or find some powered cheese to put in the mix for a little more flavor. But, all in all, I was happy with it. I think in a day or so I'll rehydrate some of the potatoes to try for hash browns and see how they work.

I went to a meeting today of a bunch of local people who are getting together to promote fresh local food. It was fun to be around folks who think the way I think and share ideas. We are going to work on putting together a community garden and doing projects on member's property (example-if someone needs a fence built, we'll have a work day). I volunteered to do the blog for the group where we will list local growers, information, etc. so I'll start working on that soon.

Not much else going on, need to get motivated to do some sewing or something soon.

Wishing you a day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. It was fun to hear about your sheep! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Scalloped potatoes look great! And isn't it great to be around people who think like you do and don't tell you you're off your rocker for trying to promote local food? Ah, you've found your peeps! (By the way, I love the new font on your blog!!)

  3. This post deserves a second comment! Thanks for the tips on the dehydrated potatoes recipe. I also appreciate the comment you left. I have a Freshman, too. I think the hardest part of having teenagers is the loosening of the reigns as I start to stand back and watch them become more independent. A hard, but necessary step.

  4. The lambs grow up way too fast! Your potatoes turned out great, they look delicious!

  5. The potatoes do look yummy,I also need to make some time to do some sewing soon! blessings jane

  6. This is good to know! I haven't tried dehydrating potatoes yes, but now I most certainly will! Thanks ma'am!