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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scrapie Tags and Lyndsey heads to Paris.

Quite a broad spectrum for a post, huh?

First, the tags. Many of you may be familiar with Scrapie, a disease that sheep and goats can get. The tags help to track the animal in the event that they contract the illness. I had been given the impression that the tags and registration was a fairly detailed and long process. I figured I'd better get started as the lambs have to have their tags in their ears at fair in July. Imagine my surprise and delight to find the number on-line, make a phone call, give them our info re: address, sheep breeds, etc., and receive our ID number right then. The lady told me that I would receive our tags in a couple of weeks. I asked what type of tagger I needed to get and she told me one would be shipped with the tags. So, my next question was "How much do I owe you?" More pleasant news, not a penny, ID number, tags and tagger are all free. Just over two weeks later, the box containing the supplies arrived at my post office box, containing enough tags for 40 lambs. Yes, I know the ID tags are a way to let the government be more involved. I do have some issues with that, but I do believe that Scrapie tagging is important. I also am very impressed by the speed and ease of the process. I told the lady that on the phone, but I am thinking that I need to send a thank-you card as well.

Our little girl heads off on her big adventure tomorrow. Along with 8 other French Club members and 3 chaperone's, Lyndsey will be riding on a school bus tomorrow afternoon to Portland, Oregon. At 8 am Friday morning, the plane will take off and she'll be on her way to Canada and then board a flight for France. They'll start their big adventure Saturday morning as the plane lands in Paris. Actually, being as Lyndsey has never flown the adventure will start at the airport in Portland. I want to mention here (well, complain, actually) that I will be the only person in our immediate family who has never flown (unless you count the crop-duster flight when I was 10 years old that lasted 15 minutes).

Anyway, I am so excited for my baby girl, but fearful also... the world is in a little bit of turmoil right now, with all the "police actions", earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactors, etc. and the thought of her being far away from me and out of my reach (or control) makes me nervous. But, reality is, she is in more danger crossing the street here at home than on a trip out of the country. Also, my mother spent so many years instilling fear in me that I am bound and determined not to let my fears cause problems for my children. So I can't wait to hear about Lyndsey's trip when she returns (we told her to try to call a couple times)and see the pictures and videos she takes. It was an expense that wasn't in the budget at all, but the experience is so worth it!

So Bon Voyage, Lyndsey Faith, and have a wonderful time! We love you and stay safe!

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  1. How wonderful that you were able to give her this experience, she will have a blast and learn so much about the world outside her little corner of it, nice job mama! Happy Tagging!