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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scooby Dooby Doo!

At least I think that's who Bo looks like in this picture Lyndsey took! He was sound asleep on the floor, and he must be having a really good dream, huh?

We got Bo from the pound almost 8 years ago. He was the runt of the litter and so cute! They said he was a collie/shepherd cross. All I know is he sheds, I mean, sheds A LOT all year round. I can brush him, taking off a large coffee can squashed full of fur and repeat the next day and the next, etc. He's a good boy. He does have a bad habit of chasing one of the neighbors as they pass on the road, and he likes to tackle skunks.

We got Bella from the pound in October (she was about 6 months old) as a replacement for our old Chihuahua (who we got from the pound). She's finally accepting strangers much better, and is a real lovebug, but she does have a fascination with the neighbors free range chickens. I have to keep a real close eye on her. She is showing that she wants to work the sheep, so I need to find a book and start reading up on it.

So, if you saw the pattern there, most our dogs come from the pound. I have gotten one occasionally from free puppy offers at the store, etc., but I have never bought a registered dog. That's not to say I haven't wanted to. I love Boxers, and Lyndsey really wants a Mastiff, and of course a fully-trained sheep dog would be great. But, finances have always been limited and I can't quite justify spending the money. Our local shelter does an incredible job with the dogs they have. They encourage people to try the dogs for awhile to make sure they fit in with the family and they are a no-kill shelter.

Our dogs live with us (Bo and Bella both take up 3/4 of the king-sized bed) and they eat left-overs and they sometimes have really bad manners. They are part of our family. When I go to the bathroom in the morning, I have the two of them right in front of me, wanting their fair share of attention. They don't care that I am in a slightly embarrassing position, they just want love.

There are times when I wish we didn't have dogs (when Bo comes in at midnight reeking of that pretty black and white kitty or Bella shredded 3 pieces of kindling on the living room carpet) but I can't see me ever being without one of these wonderful animals.

Have a day filled with hope, joy and faith~


  1. Thank you for adopting a a shelter. It is a wonderful thing. I have a shepherd I adopted last year and She sheds so much I can't figure out how she can replace that much lost fur per day. So I would say that Bo IS shepherd.

  2. Both your dog's are pretty,and Bo looks like he is having a very good dream,or sharing a private joke,he's so cute! Blessings jane

  3. Bo is cute, and I just love Bella! We only do shelters as well, the last time we got through the Australian Shepherd rescue organization, it's quite a qualification process, but it should be, and I sated my need to have another Aussie without the guilt!

  4. That top picture of Bo is a classic. Is he a happy dog or what? I don't understand why dogs have to shed so much hair. But I guess when I think about it, my own hair brush always has a bunch of hair in it and dogs have a heckuva lot more hair than I do so . . . :o)