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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rain, rain go away and contributing blogger!

Okay, I know a month or so ago, I said that I wasn't ready for our winter storms and rain to end! My tune has now changed... It can stop anytime it wants. I am so tired of the mud and the rain! I am feeling so blah! Almost clinically depressed and thanks to my recovery program, I know all the symptoms! The animals are even feeling the effects, I think. The sheep just stand around and don't want to eat (well, unless it's their grain) and poor Red, the rescue horse, is just a mess. His hair is falling out in clumps, partially due to loosing his winter coat, months of a poor diet and all the dang rain. The chickens are just sad looking (especially when they've gotten caught in a downpour) and the dogs bring mud into the house by the bucketfuls.

We aren't talking "showers" either. I'm telling you it's raining huge raindrops that bounce on the porch (see the picture below). Buckets under the eaves are filled in 15 minutes from the run-off that is overflowing the gutters (and the gutters are clean). I keep telling Steve he'd better get busy building the ark.

Supposedly the weatherman says spring weather is gonna be here for the next couple days... Of course, rain is forecast for the weekend again! I know it's just our typical spring weather, but for some reason it's really dragging me down this year. Maybe it's a combination of being unemployed and finances being tight, along with the rain and mud... I'm about to channel Jack Nicholson's character from the Shining! "Heeerrreee's Ruthie!"

On a positive note, I am excited to be a part of Girls Gone Trashy! Of course, part of that has to do with the fact that I totally love the name of the blog! You have to understand, I'm proud of being a country girl, and Gretchen Wilson's song "Redneck Woman" is almost my anthem, so the blog just fits me personally! Not to mention my love of scavenging, reusing, and cobbling things together. I will be using the blog as an excuse to come up with some out-of-the ordinary uses for ordinary things. Check it out, there are some great ideas there!

Hoping you have a day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. I don't have the rain your having, but I'm having dreary clouds, wind and cool temps and I am SO ready for the real spring. I'm going to check out Girls Gone Trashy. Sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by mt blog.

  2. Oh, gosh, me, too. We've had buckets of rain - mostly in the last two weeks, and everything is sad and muddy here. I should be used to it, as we get 200+ inches a year, but when it seems to becoming all at once, it sure is a drag. We had to put pallets in the chicken run so they could get outside some. The sheep are miserable, the horses are in muddy and even in the stall is not entirely dry at this point. Ready for respite from the rain!

  3. That weather can sure bring out a bit of depression in all of us, we are on day 5 of clouds, rain and sleet and I'm ready for it to end!

  4. The funny thing is we will all be out in the yard doing a rain dance come August when the gardens are dry as a bone. There is never a happy medium with the weather.

  5. Call me crazy, but next to water and mud, snow starts looking pretty good. At least when it gets tracked in by man and beast, it's just clean water. Hang in there, Friend. The sun will come out . . . eventually.

  6. It's pouring rain up here in Bellingham, WA, too. My hens look miserable hanging out under the coop. I'm so longing for sunnier days do I can get some vegie seeds in the ground.

    More rain predicted for the next week. Really?

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, and entering the Hodge Podge Give-Away. Good luck to you!

    We've had snow and freezing rain for the past several days...rain and thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. One day of sunshine would be great!

  8. Gosh, I live in the southeast and I thought we were getting a lot of rain. I'ts been a terrible start to the garden season. I'm guessing we're all hoping and praying for better weather soon!