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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rain, chores and missing my Lynz!

We had two days of sunshine. The ground in the "pasture" was drying out and I was no longer sinking up to my ankles in the mud and standing water when I went out to feed. That was a blessing to me as my rubber boots finally had given out and I have a hole right above my heel in the right boot. I went to go buy a pair at the local Ace Hardware and they had just sold the last pair in my size. I wear 5 1/2 ladies, so it's hard to find small ones anyway. What I really want is a pair of Muck Boots, but it's not in the budget right now, so I will settle for another of $17 cheapos! Of course, who knows when another pair will be in the store. I guess I'll ask 'em to order me a pair. In the meantime, I've tried duct taping the hole, but it isn't working. Oh well, 1 dry foot is better than 2 wet ones.

Anyway, last night the rain started again. I can't tell you how much we got, but the ground is fully saturated and standing water is in all the low spots.

So, my feeding routine, which used to take 15 easy minutes in the morning, has now stretched to 30+. Go out to the pump house, get Red's (the rescue horse) Senior mixed with corn oil and his supplement and wet it down, get the pig feed mixed and get the bucket of feed for the sheep. Attempt to pack all 3 buckets 100 feet or so to the pasture because I'm too lazy to make more than one trip. Open the gate carefully to not let sheep out or spill feed. Quickly dump sheep feed into the feeders to distract them, taking care not to fall on my face as they body-slam me. Then climb inside fence to Red's pen, because opening the gate is to much of a hassle, trying not to let Red get his face into the bucket before it is dumped into the feeder. Slog thru mud and feed the pigs, who have their heads over the feeder, making it almost impossible to not spill any. Get hay into feeders for sheep and throw a flake to Red. Call the dogs to the gate and exit, trying not to let the sheep out.

Take the buckets back to the pump house, gather chicken scratch and any scraps, holler at the dogs to keep them away from the neighbors mess of hog bones and hide, holler again and threaten them with death if they don't come with me, buzz the shock collar to keep Bella from going after the neighbors chickens. Open the chicken house door, taking care to get Bella in but not let any chickens out and open the "coop" door so the chickens can get outside. Trip over hens who decided it was raining to hard to go outside and are milling around my feet. Go behind the chicken house to feed the two rabbits (the easiest part of the whole routine), then go throw scratch out in the chicken yard to encourage hens to come outside.

The morning takes the longest, as I've got the rabbits and chickens in the mix, but evenings resemble the morning in every other way. Add in the downpour of rain and it just adds to my frustration adventure. Don't take me wrong, I love my animals, but on mornings like today when I wake up and hear the rain beating down on the roof, I find myself daydreaming of owning a condo in town.

Today is Lyndsey's last day in Paris. They will be flying back tomorrow and then driving home from Portland (6 hours away) on Saturday. She'll probably spend most of Sunday in bed recovering from her big adventure. We haven't heard much from her as she didn't have a continental phone. She called from the motel lobby yesterday at 4:30 pm our time, 12:30 am Paris time, and of course I didn't hear the phone ring. She's left us little messages on facebook so we assume she's having fun. I have missed her a lot. Not all the teen drama, but just having her around. I thought Steve and I would kill each other while she was gone, but we've actually gotten along great. Maybe that's because we are both for some reason very tired (maybe lack of sunshine). Anyhow, I can't wait to look at her pictures and hear about her adventures.

Also, I ended up bowing out on the job at the Veterinarian's office. I went in for 2 hours on Monday and started itching again. We've agreed that I'll be "temp" help if she needs it (and I'll dose up on allergy tabs before I go in). Since I wasn't officially hired, it won't affect my unemployment benefits at all, which is reassuring. I am very relieved and hoping something better is around the bend.

Have a day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. Your feeding routine sounds as fraught as mine. We've had so much rain this week, just walking out there is a slip and slide. Thankfully, my boots are hole-less at the moment....

  2. From one small footed friend to another, did you look at the boys boots? I do that alot too. Sure would have been nice to have them after the morning chores you had to muck thru!

    Well I am sure your girl is having the time of her life! How very exciting!

    Glad to hear the job situation worked out and no bridges have been burned. That is awesome!

  3. I second APG - I have little feet too and I found some one year in boys' size, when I was in the Navy they still weren't making combat boots "for women" so I had to find small mens and stuff the toes, very frustrating!

    Sounds like you are so busy, I hope you get some sunshine very soon!

  4. We haven't had a lot of rain here this year,but last year we had terrible floods. Sounds like you had a very hard time feeding the animals,maybe the rain will stop and things will dry out for a while. Blessings jane

  5. Glad to hear you made the decision you did regarding the vet's office job. We haven't hit the full-blown mud stage here yet (only 9 above this morning and snow still around in large amounts) but I, too, am looking for a new pair of mud boots. It's so hard to spend big bucks ($45) for the ones you want, isn't it? (Then I just heard about a gal on TV that spent $1500 for the spike heels she had on. What's wrong with this world?) No, I didn't mean $15.00, I meant $1,500.00! INSANE.

  6. Rain, rain go away is something a lot of us are saying lately. Even in our normally dry climate we've had more than our fair share this year.

    Take care and have a great weekend :-)