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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pigs, strawberry plants and job decisions...

Our pigs came home last Sunday... they are so cute at this age, tho they act like idiots because they are still scared of us. When we open the gate to go feed them, they shoot around the fence perimeter, screaming bloody murder. It's always an exciting time when they arrive, but I'll be truthful that come the end of July, I'm ready to see 'em load up on the butcher trailer.

I was busy today putting in some strawberry plants. A friend had donated some t-posts for making a larger turn-out for Red, the rescue horse, and she mentioned that she had some strawberry plants in the back of her truck if I wanted them. She didn't know what exact kind they were, but they produce pretty much all summer long. I am so happy because last year I had pulled all my plants because they had stopped producing. I figured I'd buy new plants this spring. Of course, finances are too tight now, so I figured no strawberries this year. Now I've got 24 small plants in a new bed. Yippee! Coincidence? Maybe, but it could just be good luck.

Last week I was offered a job with the veterinarian who is helping with Red's care. I was somewhat unsure, as it pays less than my unemployment and this person has a habit of going through staff like crazy. Seriously, the person who left the day I dropped in the office had only been there 2 weeks or so. The employer I had right before I went into the recovery place was just like this new employer. She is very Type A personality and I have heard can be difficult. But, I told myself I was a different person now and stronger than I was 12 years ago. Besides, we've always gotten along well and she knew my history w/ alcohol, etc. The money would be tighter than it already is, but I have been feeling kinda panicked about no job. So, I went in last Thursday to work there. By the time I left, I felt like a truck had run me over. No real training on the computer, they just punched buttons and told me what to enter, no scheduled lunch hour, just when you can get out, typical Drs. office not getting off when you are supposed to, etc. Partway thru the morning, the vet had noticed I was itching and asked me if I had allergies. I said yes, but nothing that should be affecting me there. By mid-evening I was still itching, a few hives were popping up and I was an emotional wreck. Woke up the next morning with a killer headache. After talking to Steve, we decided it just wasn't going to work out. He doesn't want me back in an environment that is going to take that big of a toll on my mental state. So, I called and left a message that I think my allergies were going to cause problems. She called back, left message that she agreed, but wants me to try one more time, so I guess I'll go in tomorrow and see what happens. Really, my decision is made. It's just getting up the courage to say it outright. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so this must mean there is something better waiting for me.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. Congrats on the plants. It will be wonderful to have fresh strawberries this summer. I think you did best by listening to your body. There is a difference between type a and just an a__. Happy Spring!

  2. Yes, yes, yes. Our bodies can tell us all kinds of things if we listen! I don't even want to see you go back into that environment for one more day. Can you call and tell her your allergies are bothering you so much you're convinced it wouldn't be wise to spend any more time there? You suspected the situation might be "iffy" before you even tried. Obviously, she has some "issues" keeping employees and it doesn't sound like a healthy environment in which to work. If the pay was significantly higher, I might try to work through everything, but why be miserable for less money? The right thing WILL come along for you. I know it will!

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The little lamb in the photo Mom walked away from her ... So, I am her new Mom. I got her belly filled and cleaned her up and made her warm ... And just like babies they fall to sleep ... with the peace that is ... She is the lamb I have waited and dreamed of ... I have ALWAYS want to cross a B.L and a Cheviot. She is just how I thought she would be!
    I know what you mean about pigs ... we use to do it and then we stopped and have another farm raise them and then we just filled the freezer! Nother better than fresh thick cut bacon! YUM!
    As for your job offer ...I left the medical field 7 years ago and have NOT looked back. Don't worry things happen for a reason. There will be something better for you. Just wait.
    Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. LOL, I had to agree with Kelly's comment above, there is a difference between the two! Sounds like you might be working for the vet I worked for - he was a great vet but a terrible "business owner", he hired me to run the business end of it but couldn't just let me do it for the longest time. He had to have his hands in everything, nitpicking, when he didn't know what he was doing when it came to computers, money, payroll, etc, was great with animals but horrible with the people that owned them, very curt. Finally the other dr. had a talk with him and after that it was smooth sailing (for the most part), I would just call him in to sign off the pharaceutical orders and then shoo him out of the office LOL! I ended up being there for 5 years, moved to CA, moved back and worked for him another 3 years, what doesn't kill us, right? Haha I think you made the right choice for your health and mental stability. The piglets are cute, cute, but I know what you mean about the butcher - that's like money in the freezer come fall!

  5. I have learned (often the hard way) to just listen to my gut. That is how I found out I had cancer three years ago. If I had waited, it would have been too late. great post. Blessings, Joanne

  6. Oh Ruth, I hope you are able to bow out of that one too! If your body isn't willing, then all the good intentions in the world are for naught! Do what you need to do and the rest will take care of itself, it always does! Just like those strawberry plants arriving at just the right time!

    Can I just tell you I LOVE your little piggies! What is it about pigs that makes them so darn cute?! We've never had them, but intend to someday. So how long before they 'get used to you' and pipe down?

    Can't wait to hear what you decide! Take care!