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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Girls Gone Trashy"

I stole this blog title from Kelle @ Never Done Farm. I am a champion dumpster diver (ok, never officially done that, but always wanted to), scavenger, re-user, re-builder, re-purposer and I'm excited to see what new things I can learn from them. Don't tell my husband, though! He hates it when I do stuff like that.

Check out Girls Gone Trashy I'd like to invite you to come over and take a look at this new blog. It's a blog made up of several talented bloggers who will blog about recycling, re purposing, dumpster diving, green treasures, etc...Hope to see you there, it looks like it will be a very fun and informative blog on using what you have. What a blessing, learning from many other bloggers how to save $$, re purpose and make do!

Have a day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. Nice! Sounds like a good time! And cute title...that's sure to grab attention. :)

  2. I'll check it out, sounds fun!

  3. I will check them out too,Always glad to learn something new,or save a dollar. Blessings jane