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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fostering Neglected Horse-Graphic pics

Got a call from the local shelter today, after speaking to them yesterday. This is a short post, I will update more tomorrow.

Red is starving!

Gonna take lots of love and attention to get him to where he's adoptable. Hoping to get donations cause I can't afford it.

Red is having a day filled with hope, joy and faith now that he's settling in here.


  1. PTL Red came to live with you and yours!

    IN the last month or so two HUGE horse neglect cases have come to the forefront in MT. The first one involves something like 700 horses and the second case was closer to us and involved 50+ horses. The second case the owners are being charged with neglect and face HUGE fines as well as 65 yrs in prison.
    Sad, just so sad, many of the 50+ horses had to be destroyed due to starvation and injuries

    These animals are NOT up for adoption yet, but we're watching.

    PTL for foster families such as yours. We'll be praying for Red!

  2. Why I wonder do people let things like this happen. That is so terrible! Poor horse.I know you will love and take care of him Bless you. Blessings jane

  3. This is so maddening that this issue never seems to go away. We had a horse neglect case here 2 years ago and surprise, surprise, the same woman was charged again the other day... where is the punishment for these people?!

  4. Horse neglect is on the rise here as well. Our rescue organizations can not keep up and owners can no longer afford to feed them. I have been were you are with a rescue and I wish you all the luck. I hope he has no long term damage and bounces back soon. Your doing a wonderful thing.

  5. Sending blessings to you, Ruth, for what you are willing to take on. You give so much by caring.

  6. New reader here. People can be so uncaring and thoughtless. We have a few horses down the road from us that I am always keeping my eyes on. Don't seem to get the greatest care. Wish I had more property so I could take in horses if needed.