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Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow! (For those of you who get it every winter, please don't laugh!)

Woke up this morning to an inch and a half or so. It was so pretty to see!
Bella was not sure what to think of it, but that changed quickly.
There is a two-hour school delay, since there is no snow in town (basically sea-level). The whole day would have been better, because now I have to drive Lyndsey to town later. (I offered to let her stay home, but she declined-who's kid is she?).
I am in heaven, too bad it's gonna melt as soon as the sun hits. The chickens won't come out of their house at all. It is so funny to watch 'em stare out the door and just blink!
It's supposed to get really cold now til Sunday, when the rain comes back, so if the snow doesn't melt, it could be interesting around here. I already had problems getting into the sheep pen and the feed lean-to (the metal clips were frozen shut.
Well, I think I'll go get the wood box filled before it freezes and makes walking interesting, and then bake some Oatmeal Bread (see http://ahomegrownjournal.blogspot.com/2011/02/oatmeal-otherwise-known-as-downfall.html) from Mama Pea's recipe. Also gonna make some more Oatmeal/Rasinette/Almond cookies and maybe potatoe soup for dinner!
Wishing you a day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. Not laughing but I did giggle a bit*wink*
    Our chickens don't come out in the snow, unless we shovel pths for them, now the turkeys are whole other story, they have a hut and yet refuse to roost in it, rather roosting on the roof of the hut in the sub zero temps all day and all night!

    The cookies sound good, may make some myself today, as I have bread to bake anyway. BTW our high today is -6F and we just pray that no wind comes up, otherwise it could be really misuerable with windchills into -40F or lower.

    Blessings and stay warm,

  2. Ok...I snorted!! I invite you to my house to enjoy all the snow scenery you want!! I also want you here to bake that bread along with those wonderful sounding cookies. Seriously...just yesterday the word of the day was "SHit'n'Ola" am I ever tired of snow!
    You made me smile though!!

  3. You all have to remember I live on the southern Oregon coast. We will about 3 miles up river (say maybe 300 feet elevation if I stand up straight) and so we see some snow in the surrounding hills, but it rarely ever snows and sticks here. Last time we got this much was 2 years ago. The main reason for the school delay is most of the kids live out of town, usually up steep hills and the snow/ice combo makes it treacherous for those of us who aren't used to it (not to mention the idiots who go full speed and then wipe out!). It's almost all melted now at almost 2 pm, except for the shady spots.

  4. Chickens are so funny when it snows! When the weather is decent here, if I want them to come out of the coop I have to shovel a path. Yup, they're spoiled. :) Enjoy your snow!!

  5. At least you got to see the ground covered! With that cold weather forecast and rain you just might see some more of it. Love the picture of your pup checking out the snow. You can almost hear him, "What the . . . ?"