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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow! and a long weekend!

First off, it snowed here. This is very unusual for the Oregon coast. We have snow in the surrounding hills, but it hardly every snows down at sea level (we are about 150 feet elevation at our place. Mind you, it didn't stick at all, but it did snow. I have proof, see?

The lambs have been named also. The lil' girl is now Adeline and the big girl is Madeline (Addie and Maddie for short). Addie, who has the hurt leg, is getting around pretty good on all 4 legs now. She still is favoring the leg though, so I'm keeping it wrapped and splinted.

This is a 3 day weekend for Steve and Lyndsey. I thought I'd have some time to get some of the chores I wanted to do done and maybe some down time. The best-laid plans, right? So far, been very busy, but nothing I wanted to do. Couple of trips to town, helping Steve work on the sheetrock in the garage, etc. Saturday and Sunday flew by without accomplishing much of anything in my book. Maybe tomorrow?

I did go for a walk and picked these little wild violets and another local wildflower. The violets have a very light, sweet scent to them.

It is really too early for them. I am worried that our fruit trees are going to bud up and then we'll have a big wind/rain storm and not get any fruit, that we'll get late rain and the garden will be mud til June, or that we won't get late rain and we'll have drought conditions which will make the forest fire danger high in our area.


  1. Ruth, Good morning...enjoy your snow...Thank you for commenting on my blog...I promise I will get back to you about the shampoo and conditioner..I will have to get the name to you.. I do use castile soap for bathing..it is wonderful.. I do not make my own..I will someday.. That is one of my goals..

    We have rain and the 13 inches of snow that we had is all gone.. Now we have mud for the dogs to go through and track mud in the house.

    Have a wonderful day...Lisa

  2. Crazy weather all around - we had temps in the 70's but they are saying sleet/snow tomorrow LOL

  3. Because the weather has been so whacko all over the nation for the past couple of years, not much surprises me anymore. We're still in the deep freeze with damp, cold weather and wind . . . which makes it seem doubly cold. The one thing I'm not liking is the heavy ice covering on all surfaces. Just not safe!

  4. Mother nature is so unpredictible,hot one day, cold the next! Here it has been windy and cool.When we had fruit trees,I use to wash the frost off with a water hose before the sun hit them.I managed to save the fruit that way. Blessings jane