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Saturday, February 26, 2011

No need for a guardian dog here!

My little mini-mare, Chica is quite a little control freak. She doesn't like "her" baby lambs being too involved with the dogs. As you can see, she is quite good about putting them where she wants them and warning the dogs. Poor Bella was a little confused, as she was just playing with the lambs quietly when out of the blue, here comes the "foster" mom to break up the fun. The funny thing is that Staci, the real mom, basically pays no attention to the babies. They are growing good, so obviously they are eating.

I am having some real issues with changing my blog fonts, etc so please have patience with me as I struggle through it. I also can't comment on some of your blogs. I type in the info but the comment button won't work. Grrrr. I'm sure it's operator error somehow. Most of the snow has melted, making the ground mushy. It went down to about 22 degrees last night, so I am postponing going out to feed because I don't feel like sliding, but I guess it will have to be done. Dang critters anyhow!

Please have a day filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. How cute. Poor little pups just want to play with the babies. Those mares sure can be bossy. I have a mare going to foal this Spring, and I am afraid the whole farm is going to suffer under the new Mama.

  2. Blogger is such a pain sometimes! Careful on that ice!

  3. I think that little horse needs some babies of her own to take care of! And Bella is being so good about just wanting to play with the little ones. The dynamics of animals, huh? We, too, have glare ice covering all ground surfaces. Makes me walk like a little old woman with hobbles on!

  4. now that is just too cool! She is one protective Momma and she knows those babies need a lookout. Dogs can get a little carried away sometimes even if they're just playing. Funny how those lambs don't really mind though.
    Watch your step out there! Ice is a pain!!