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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Light at end of tunnel? I'm hoping it's not a train!

A couple weeks ago, I was very down. Finances, no help at home, injured livestock, etc. were all piling up and I was mad as heck and crying a lot. I did something I learned in recovery. Do what needs done and put the rest to the side and don't think about it for awhile, in other words, Letting Go and Letting God!

The taxes went to the side. If we owe money, I'm not filing til the last minute anyway. Yesterday I went back to them, found a few things I forgot about, and it may balance out. I'm not getting excited til I redo them one more time to make sure I'm right, but at least it's not weighing me down.

The help at home thing got some work... I didn't talk about what I was upset about, I just started saying "Please do this" or "Could you do that". I am still having to ask, since Steve and Lyndsey aren't miraculously noticing what they can do to help, but Steve has cleaned up after dinner the last few nights on his own.

The livestock issue, I went ahead, bit the bullet and took the lil' ewe (Lyndsey better figure out names soon) into the vet, who confirmed a greensplint fracture and advised a PVC pipe brace. That is no longer on the lamb. The PVC was too heavy and kept slipping, so she ended up dragging the pipe behind her. The aluminium brace we got gave the same results. I decided to go back to the toilet paper roll, and instead of wrapping from upper leg to below the hoof, just put it from under the knee to above the hoof. The last couple of days, she's been putting some weight on the leg when I let them out to play and today I got this video! She is putting some weight on the foot, tho with a little hesitation, and as you can see, running on all four legs!
Sometimes I need to remember to just step back and take time to breathe! Hope you all have a day filled with Hope, Joy and Faith!


  1. It's so easy to get overwhelmed - it sounds as though you were able to step back and take a deep breath. I have to remember to do that almost every day! The lamb looks great! I think she'll be fine, and so will you.

  2. Oh, Ruth dear, we all hit these obstacles or hurdles on life's road, don't we? Sometimes there are just too many of them that come at once. But I know you are one strong lady who has come through a lot and will continue to do so. You're so right. Sometimes we just have to let things go for a couple/few days and things have a way of getting better by themselves. (If not, it may well be time to raise some he!!.)

    Little lamb looks really, really good. All because of your love and caring. Good job!

  3. I am glad things are starting to work out for you. The lambs are looking good.

  4. Good for you for asking for exactly what you need, it seems like "talking" sometimes doesn't do the trick especially with men LOL... I still have to spell out what I need when I need it, and then he's happy to do it, it seems only women have that knack of seeing what needs to be done far before it needs doing! The lamb looks great!

  5. Glad things are getting better,sometimes we just need a breather. The little lamb looks like maybe her leg will be ok. Blessings jane

  6. I understand all you have explained in this post. This past week I have wanted to scream, cry, give up and just walk away. Like you I did a little praying, letting go which is hard for me, and just doing what I can. I ask for help with things and sometimes I get it and sometimes I get the promise of later. I have to just let the anger go if I don't get the help. I figure something out or just like you.. put it to the side for now. Things have a way of working out even when I don't have control. LOL Love the video!! Have a blessed weekend.

  7. it's sylvia (hopeful) from homestead hope. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! i'm happy to hear you're more relieved and just working on getting through one thing at a time. wonderful news about the lamb!!