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Monday, February 28, 2011

If you build it, they will come!

So, I was getting tired of feeding hay on the ground and having it be wasted. This is Oregon, it rains, the hay gets wet, and tho it does a great job of keeping me up out of the mud, I don't want to spend $13.50 a bale to keep my feet clean. I have boots for that.

Also, when I fed in the lean-to, everyone walked on it and then it wouldn't get eaten. So, first on the list, with the nasty weather, was the lean-to. I pulled apart some pallets I had scrounged up, and armed with a screw gun, went to work, using the pallet that was already in place as a stall divider.

It's not pretty, but there is plenty of room for all 6 of them to get in and eat, and if a little hay falls, that's ok.

Next, I needed something for outside. Having no extra money for wood, I tracked down some more old pallets, went through our scrap pile and drew up a diagram. I asked hubby to ask me make some cuts. I would build it, I just needed him to cut the wood for me. He did, complaining the whole time, saying my ideas wouldn't work, it would just be easier to tie pallets together, etc. He finally pissed me off enough that I ordered him out of the garage and did it myself. There was a time or two when I really could have used an extra hand, but no way was I gonna ask for help. It isn't square, it's not beautiful, but once again, for no more than $1 worth of screws I had to buy, I have a hay feeder that can be used outside and moved around as needed. I didn't get pictures yesterday when they were actually using it, but again, plenty of room for everyone.

It's the things like this that make it just a little easier here on the farm. And by golly, I did it myself!


  1. Serves the purpose, and looks nice too! Pallets and duct tape can always save the day!

  2. It is amazing what you can do with pallets. I always end up bringing a few home when I see them for free. Some are made with good hardwoods. Your feeder is great.

  3. And a darn good job you did! Yepper, it's those "little" things that make everyday chores seem a little better. We've got our stash of pallets in the back storage area. Yessir, lots of good (free!) wood there.

  4. How's it working? our goats have destroyed our manager several times. We finally put it up high, like you have it, but on the side of the hay barnlet.