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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Funny Farm Video (and a cute country singer!)

Ok, this is strictly for fun... I saw this video yesterday and cracked up! The video is great, the puppet totally looks like Trace Adkins, and I love everything he does.
Of course, the fact that I think he is totally hot has absolutely nothing to do with it! Can you hear my teenager in the background saying "Eeewwww... Mom, he's old and you are too old to think about that stuff! LOL! Hey, I'm only 47, I'm not dead yet!
My husband Steve once said "I look like him" and Lyndsey popped out with "In your dreams! No, wait, in Mom's dreams!" Steve is right, he does look like him, if you tilt your head sideways, facing into the brightest sunlight, looking through fog, with your eyes squinted so they are almost shut.


  1. I have seen this video. I do like Trace Adkins videos, they are a riot.

  2. My computer won't show videos,but I do like Trace , Wish I could see it. Blessings jane