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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dietary changes... I can do this!

So, I am going to finally do it... years ago, as a teen, I got allergy testing and lo and behold, I'm allergic to all sorts of interesting things. Molds and mildews (I live on the coast, that makes it fun), pollen and blooming things (once again, I live in the country-hmmmm), human hair (I ain't about to shave my head), hog hair (I have to remember to wash my hands after I play with our pigs), hops (I did quit drinking beer, tho I have a NA beer sometimes), penicillin and sulfa, and all sorts of different foods-white potatoes, american cheese, celery, white rice, and the big one, corn. Up til now, I've just basically ignored my allergies. My nose is always red and my throat always feels "full". There are some things on my list I can't avoid, such as the hair, molds and pollens.

However, starting next week, I am giving up corn totally for awhile. I have been feeling worse and worse, and I think my allergies are causing a lot of it. I avoid corn as much as possible, (no corn chips, etc) but I do eat candy, use syrup on my pancakes, etc. Corn products are in everything. I am dying inside at the thought of no more corn from my garden, no cornbread with my beans (oh no!), etc. This week, I am eating as many corn products as I can (like a smoker before they quit-hee hee!)

If I notice a significant difference, then I guess it's time to decide if I will plant corn in the garden or not this year. Our dog Bo will be upset because likes to play hide and seek in the rows.

I'm taking the lil' girl into the vet today for a quick check on her leg. Can't really afford it, but I want to make sure the leg is wrapped properly, etc. I'll keep you all posted.

Don't forget the book drawing tomorrow for the book give-away "Sylvia's Farm". I'll do the drawing in the morning!


  1. I hope avoiding all these foods helps your allergies.It's hard to give up the foods you love. Maybe you can find a few to replace them.Good luck. Blessings jane

  2. I know how you feel. I had to give up wine as part of my allergies. I loved wine. Some things are just unfair. Good luck with your diet.

  3. Good luck with the adjustments. It is so hard to give things up...stay tough!!

  4. A couple of years ago I survived the granddaddy of all restrictive diets for the sake of regaining my health. I stayed on the diet for 2-1/2 years. To say it was not easy is an understatement. I could eat very little of what everyone else ate. But I wanted to be healthy again. And it worked.

    I think the test for you will be to see how you feel. There is nothing in the world like feeling you have control of your body and truly feel healthy. We're all with you in this endeavor. Keep posting about it so we know what's happening.

  5. I try to limits our corn intake. Especially the Cornsyrup and things of that nature.. Maybe Fresh corn would not be so bad. I posted a Pancake syrup recipe not to long ago. I have a little search box on my blog that should bring it up.
    Good Luck!! I hope it goes well! Allergies of any kind are miserable. I have kids that are allergic to SOME of those things but not near that many..

  6. My husband has pretty bad pollen allergies, for the life of me I can't figure out how he survived childhood living in the Willamette Valley, grass seed capital of the world LOL! So many things to deal with, I sure hope you find the key to lessening the problem. It's too bad that allergies and the like aren't reserved for those people who live life on sodas and junk food instead of afflicting people that try to live and eat naturally! Keep us posted on the lamb, I hope that your funds are well spent and she will be on the mend pronto!