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Monday, February 14, 2011

Company, 4-H, livestock, etc.

We've had company since Friday and they just left. I can honestly say I've gotten way to used to only 3 of us here at the house. I love company, but... That's all I have to say, because if I start, I'll never finish.

So, it's 11:15 am, I have to clean the house from all the "extra stuff" we did, finish the Valentine Cookies I started yesterday, do laundry, change the spare bed, etc. We finally got our winter weather back (high winds and rain), so I want to clean out the wood stove and get a good fire going too.

We went yesterday and looked at the pigs for Lyndsey's 4-H project. We've tentatively picked them out, but at 2 weeks old it's really too hard to tell who'll be a good market pig or not. Very cute tho... Lyndsey said "I want to raise pigs"! I said "No way in H E Double-toothpick!"

The lady who had the pigs loaned us a piece of aluminum coated in thick rubber that we can use in place of the PVC pipe on the lamb's leg. The PVC was so heavy it kept sliding off. So, she got a new splint and to add insult to injury, we banded the twin's tails yesterday. I felt awful! They were so sad to watch. But, after a couple hours the numbness kicked in and they were fine.

Then we went on a field trip to a local, long-term family sheep ranch where they have brought in a total of 25 young hogs to start raising weiner pigs for sale, organic pork for big-city restaurants, etc. He is raising Berkshire's, a breed I wasn't familiar with. After some research I found out they are a heritage breed. He will be cross-breeding them to produce a meat pig that is suitable for pasture raising, etc.

This guy regularly purchases ewes at our 4-H auction and I was able to talk to him about using his white-faced ram for breeding our ewes next fall. He prefers white-faced to black-faced because their hooves are better suited for our wet climate. Then, while talking to the new extension agent, we found out that there is an opportunity for Lyndsey to receive a nice breeding stock ewe from a retiring rancher who consistently raises prize-winning market lambs. We also had an opportunity to see some of his Scottish Highlander cattle, including this big boy!

A productive weekend in regards to livestock, but totally frustrating in other ways... Oh well, hubby is taking the teen and I to dinner tonight, then we can vegetate in peace and quiet, just the 3 of us!


  1. Well...I had to snort at your last comment on my blog. I have a few Momma goats just like that and I can totally agree with some Mommas just would rather give that calf-kick attitude. Heck, I've been known to do that on occassion with a child or two of my own! LOL Hope your baby lambs leg heals and I wish you a Happy Valentine!!

  2. and...on pigs...Nope! I grew up on a Hog Farm Operation. I will never ever never in a million years have a pig at my place. I do love pork though!!
    Now those little devils definitely have a mind of their own!!

  3. Sorry things have been a little frustrating for you lately. Maybe all we can do is learn from not-so-pleasant experiences and try to make sure they don't happen again.

    It does sound like you made some decisions and progress on the animal front. Keeping my fingers crossed for the little lamb's leg.

  4. I'm pulling for your little lamb! We always used the docker for tails, but I imagine this time of year there won't be any icky insect problems for you to deal with in the bands. And pigs? hahaha, you are drawing the line there... LOL