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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby pics (OK, I'm excited, sorry!)

The little lambies (both ewes!) are doing ok. The smallest one unfortunately is limping a bit on her right front leg. I think Staci, the momma, may have stepped on her. I can't feel anything "off", so I'm hoping it's just sore. Both are nursing well and peeing and pooping. Lots of tarry first poops, so that's good! The biggest lamb is jumping and bouncing around already. So much fun to watch.

Lyndsey spent some time bonding with her 4-H projects.

One girl has floppy ears and one has ears like airplane wings.

Momma Staci is a camera hog!

She is a good mom though, except for walking off when they are nursing. But since she's done this for the last 4 years and raised 'em all successfully, I guess she's the expert!


  1. Awe! They are just too darn cute! I love watching babies get their legs.

  2. Is Lyndsey going to keep them and start a flock? How exciting to have twins and natural colored to boot. I know it's hard to watch Mom walk off while the babies are still eating. Mine do that too. I say, "Hey, slow down, them younguns is still eatin'."
    Congrats a nice pair of ewe lambs!

  3. So cute. And I have no idea why, but watching a baby animal nurse brings a tear to my eye. It is just so beautiful to see that momma and baby bond.

  4. Makes me wish I lived on a farm.Little surprises like those twins,are just normal on a farm.Yes I sure do miss that part. Blessings jane

  5. I love lambing time! And so great that she's a good mama ewe!

  6. Some day I'm going to live on a farm and have lambs... just as soon as I can get out of suburbia :)

  7. We're expecting at least one of our goats (possible two) to kids at the beginning of April and really excited about it as well!