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Friday, February 11, 2011

And the winner is...

I asked Lyndsey if she would draw the winner for me this morning out of a feed scoop while I took a picture, and she said "only if you wait for me to put my makeup on and do my hair"! Such a typical 15 year-old.

The winner of the book giveaway is Erin. I wish I had enough copies to give everyone who entered a book. Oh well, it is the luck of the draw, right?

Erin, please send me your full name and mailing address and I'll get this off to you. I haven't yet figured out how to add my e-mail to the page, so e-mail me at hopejoyfaithfarm@hotmail.com

I just got a call that there is some good grass hay that is being delivered today in town and I can get an extra 10 bales. It isn't really in the budget right now, and it's $13.50 a bale. Ouch! But I don't have the money to drive out of town right now to pick up 30 bales of the cheap stuff, so I'm gonna bite the bullet and get it. Will make this month tougher than it already is going to be, but having the hay in the barn will make me feel better!


  1. Boy, do I wish I could beam over the 2.75/bale third cut hay we have here! I am so lucky in that I have found great sheep-quality first cutting bales for 3/bale. It was not a good year for hay this past year and I'm darn lucky to have it!

  2. Heard that on the hay, ladies! I am at that point here where I am looking at how much hay we have left and wondering if it is enough to make it the rest of the winter or not!

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog ...
    I saw your little lamb in his cast ... In all my years of raising sheep and lambing I have never had that happen! Was she a new Mom? Or was she just nervous? So cute tho ... How many sheep do you have? Do you spin your own wool? Great blog you have ... Love the name!
    Stop by again sometime.

  4. I just wish the economy would get better for everyone,too many folks having a rough time of it. I am still trying to stock up on things when I can. Blessingss jane

  5. Oh yikes on the Hay!! I would be sunk! I buy large round bales for $30 that are equal to about 15+ of the small squares or more. They last me 2-3 weeks in the cold weather and 4-6 in the summer. That is 16 goats.
    Congrats to the winner!

  6. Congrats to Erin for being the lucky winner of the book you offered!

    $13.50 for a bale of hay!!? I guess we should be very grateful we can get it for $5.50 which we thought was way too high. Ugh. Sad, sad times when homesteaders aren't going to be able to keep livestock unless they can grow their own hay and feed. How many of us can do that?

  7. Yay! LOL at Lyndsey doing her hair & makeup for the photo :) That does seem quite high for hay, I hope you are able to find some cheaper prices - is that because of the time of year? I'll email you, thanks!