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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organizing inspiration!

A bunch of the blogs I read have mentioned organizing and cleaning this time of year. After the holidays is my "spring" cleaning time also, but I'm really moving full-force this year. Below is my big closet that is in our main bathroom. It's been a mess for months (since my mother-in-law moved in and I had to shove stuff in willy-nilly). She's been gone visiting since October, so I moved her stuff from the shelf she was using into her room and re-organized.

A close-up!

One last before shot!

And tah-dah!!

I can see what I have!

I keep turning on the light to look at it. Is that sad or what?

Since I finished the closet, I've been on an organizing spree and it feels so good!


  1. Your closet looks great! Now I need to get organized,there's so many places I can start, but first I need to build another room on lol! Blessings jane

  2. It is a great feeling to finally get something organized. I had a whole junk room I finally organized and I am so glad that is done. Yours looks good.

  3. Love what you've done! I know, once you get started, it gets easier with each task!

  4. Your closet is so attractive and functional, you've inspired me to finish my living room closet.

  5. It must be something embedded in us that this is the time of year to get organized. I worked on my laundry room this weekend, which is the room that ends up being the catch all for anything. Your closet is lookin' good!

  6. hehee, "moved her stuff back into her room" LOL.... the closet looks great! Something about doing spring cleaning early appeals to us gardeners I think... we have more pressing issues in springtime than cleaning so we need to get a jump on it!

  7. Another reminder that I need to do the same thing...best get on it!

  8. Isn't it downright strange how something like that (organized and cleaned) can have such an uplifting affect on us??!

    Your bathroom closet is four times as big as mine! I'm NOT kidding.

  9. Mama Pea-I love that closet. The one in the master bath is twice that size, but too not well shelved. We went from a 900 square foot old single wide mobile to a 2100 square foot manufactured home and the space is incredible, tho I could have planned it better! It's easier to keep organized tho!