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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Long trip, great deals, no lambs, hating fund raising today!

We got back from our trip to Shriners. It is such a long drive. 6 hours one way, and of course we hit Portland at 4:30 pm on Thursday, so rush hour traffic made it more interesting. We spent both nights with our eldest daughter and her husband and their apartment is poorly insulated so we froze. She made a killer dinner Thursday night of a soup she called Mexican Gumbo that was excellent. We played the WII with them and had a great time. On Friday morning we drove over to see our middle daughters apartment and it is very nice. She was so proud of it and I'm happy she's finally in a good situation regarding residence. Both of the girls don't seem to mind living in apartments tho it would drive me nuts. I also couldn't handle big cities.

The Portland, Oregon skyline.

We had to go shopping for Lyndsey's Winter Formal dress and I was dreading it due to finances though I am happy to report we found 3 very nice dresses at Ross for under $30 (I figured at that price we'd buy all three, that way we were ahead on dresses). I figured shoes would cost more, but we found 3 pairs at Payless also for under $30, so it was a successful shopping trip. Maybe she'll let me post pictures later.

She is offically healed from her surgery. The doctor recommends leaving the plates in, so Lyndsey is happy.

Staci hasn't had her lambs yet, so I'm happy, because I really want to watch them be born.

We got back home at 5:30 pm last night after leaving Portland at 10 am. We stopped at a Walmart an hour and a half from home so I could pick up some feed. I got home, fed the critters, threw together a quick dinner of pancakes, ran to town to sell some extra chick supplies, and then went to bed at 8:30 pm. I woke up a few times but didn't officially get out of bed til 8:30 am today. I think I was tired.

Today we have a fund-raiser for the french club. I signed up to work the whole time. I shouldn't have. Not many tickets have sold and while every bit helps towards funding Lyndsey's trip to France, we probably won't make much money for the amount of time spent. I told Steve (who is staying home) that if he sees any signs of labor in Staci he is to call me immediatly so I can come home. (and I think I should tell him signs of labor include but are not limited to: Eating, baa-ing, laying down in the sun, grazing, etc?) Anybody agree?


  1. Ruth, yes...all those signs should bring you home instantly!! :)

    So glad to hear all your girls are doing well and no more surgeries! Yeah!!!

    Awesome bargains on the dresses! If you have to shop, at least it was a killer deal!

  2. Can't believe no kids yet. Has to be any minute. Can't wait to see those baby pictures.

  3. catching up on your postings...Wow! No wonder you are tired and mentally too I bet! Lots of stress, but you still sound amazingly postive and good humored. Good for You!! Hope your benefit is a success and your babies come when you are there...nothing more amazing in this world than watching birth! Good Luck and take care!

  4. Glad those babies waited until you got back home,so you can be on hand to help if need be. You sure got a great deal on the dresses and shoes..Happy everything turned out good for everyone. Blessings jane

  5. I can't wait to catch up on all the things that you do! Right off the bat I noticed your location - I used to live in Ferndale CA amongst the cows, I remember our closest W@lmart was up your direction in Crescent City! Beautiful place, would love to be back there. Congrats on those prices on dresses, must page back and read all about things!