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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lettuce seed in the NEW greenhouse! So Excited!

Finally, another step towards self-sufficiency. About nine months ago, I made a deal with contractor friend to help us build a 12x12 greenhouse to start seeds in and grow lettuce, etc. year round. It would be a trade/barter project, we'd buy the new stuff we'd have to have, he'd round up old windows, boards, etc, and he'd do the main construction with hubby and I helping where we could. In exchange, I gave him and his family a purebred Nigerian Dwarf doe, chicks, odds and ends, etc. It progessed slowly, as he had to work paying jobs when he could and I didn't expect him to give up all his time off. It ground to a halt, with the roof on and the main framing done. I was depressed, as I figured I'd have to try to start seeds in the house windows again this year. Hubby said he'd give it a go, but no promises, as construction is not his strong suit.
He framed the windows in, we splurged and bought some cedar boards, he put in my beds with used plywood and tah-dah! (I just noticed him peeking out the sliding door as I posted this picture-hee hee!)
As he says, it ain't square and it ain't perfect! But, I am thrilled and gave him a big kiss! We started filling the beds with composted chicken, horse, sheep and rabbit manure, some leaves and ashes and I bought a bag of soil to top off the smallest box with. Today, I put in 5 short rows of 3 types of lettuce and greens that are made for cooler weather; Corn Salad-Mache, Continuity Lettuce and Winter Marvel Lettuce.
Next we'll add a bench along the enclosed wall and put in some shelves for my starts and trays to go on.  I am excited to finally have this done.  It's amazing how good it feels.  Lyndsey (the 15 year old) walked into it and said "It smells good with the dirt but it will smell even better with some tomatoe plants in here!" She is soooo right!


  1. Congratulations! You will love it. I couldn't survive without mine.

  2. AWESOME! I love your daughters comments! Too funny! Hey, dirt really does smell good!

  3. Wow! I'll be so eager to see how things progress for you. I'm not ready for winter (slow time!) to be over or gardening to start again, but sure would like some home grown REAL lettuce!

  4. What a great design! I'd be finding plenty of reasons to hang out inside, especially once the vegetables are growing. I look forward to watching this project.

  5. Ooohhh! I'm trying hard not to be jealous! You will have fun with this!