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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Icky Sicky!

I haven't been "sick" with a cold or bug for quite awhile. I've had the usual migraine and sinus problems, but nothing that has drug me down. I think it finally caught up with me. I am tired and achey with a scratchy throat. I started yesterday morning with good intentions, but after completing a couple of things that had to get done (and I did organize 1 drawer), I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching silly "reality" TV shows. I got up to put wood in the fire and that was about it.

Then, when I looked at the clock and realized Steve was due home soon, I drug my backside off the couch and did the chores. Going out to feed the sheep, horse and chickens pretty much wiped me out. Steve and Lyndsey were on their own for dinner, and I went to bed about 9 pm. I spent the night alternating between being cold and hot, so when I got up, I took my temperature, but no fever.

I do have some things I have to do today and tomorrow, so I can't lie around. I am loading up on fluids and taking some OTC pain meds for my headaches. Luckily it doesn't seem as bad as I've heard other locals describe.

I just am whining... Thanks for listening!


  1. Being sick is for the birds! Hope you are feeling better soon and that it doesn't get ya down!

    Hey...we can call you Ruth now instead of Hope or Hope etc.! Yeah!! :0)

  2. Yep, I had it after Christmas. It hung on for a long time.Take care of yourself and rest as much as possible, which is hard with critters and a houseful of humans. You might have to delegate some chores :)

  3. Yea, APG, I figured out how to change it.

    Since I am unemployed right now, chores are pretty much mine, (because I'm a martyr, not because it's expected). My main worry is that my two ewes will surprise me and decide to deliver when I'm not feeling great. Oh well, it will pass!

  4. So sorry to hear you're kinda down and out. Just remember that if you stress yourself now, it will hang on longer. (Put a cork in the ewes.)

  5. Sorry to hear you are sick,so far I have been lucky,no sickness here. My grand daughter,has been sick for a week,I think shes a little better now. Thanks so much for following my blog,I am following yours too,be back later.Blessings, jane

  6. Thanks for reading our blog and the nice comments. Feel better, Ed from Montana

  7. Hope your feeling better real soon. Sometimes fresh air helps me, but crashing on the couch seems to be the trick. I loved your comment on being the martyr, seems I get a case of that now and then. Seems like it anyway, when checking on my cattle at 3 in the morning with -30 below wind chill and me struggling in the snow. About makes me cry sometimes! If I asked myself why I do it..I think I would say..just gotta be a martyr! That just makes me smile, so at least you have your sense of humor! Take Care