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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Food Storage and Small Towns!

The other day, while reading blogs, I found great suggestions for storing dry goods (rice, pasta, etc) at Waiting on the other shoe. I decided to use some of my juice bottles for my rice, as the bags tend to not stack neatly. I discovered I was out of bay leaves so when I went to town, I stopped at the local grocery store. Prices there are small town prices, so I was looking at spending $4.99 for a small tin of them. I was in the check-out when the assistant manager said "Ruth, put those on the counter and go check aisle 4. There are bay leaves for really cheap in the ethnic food section". Sure enough, a bag of leaves for .93 cents, with probably more than what was in the tin. I should have gone back to check the size of the tin, but the bag was 9/16 of an ounce. I was amazed at the difference in price, and am going back later to check the other spices that were there. I'm sure I've heard about buying spices in Ethnic stores, but never thought about my local store.

Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that even though I often complain about shopping in our small town and the prices, I truly appreciate the smaller stores. Where else would you get a phone call telling you that someone found the potatoes and milk you left in your cart or if you forgot your money, they tell you the receipt will be in the register drawer and just pay it next time you are in town. No big chain store clerk would tell me which aisle to find a cheaper version of a product on, much less by my first name. They know me, my family and they do their best to take care of us. I appreciate that.

Back to the food storage, I got my rice in the juice bottles, tucked neatly into my little pantry area, and I keep telling hubby and daughter Lyndsey to drink more juice so I have some more bottles!

Silly stuff, I know, but it's whats on my mind right now...


  1. Good tips! I'll be checking the Ethnic section of our store. We also live in a rural area with no chain stores. Our pharmacy has spices much cheaper than the grocery store. I don't know why.

  2. Very nice! I do that too with some spices, also the bar soap I need for my laundry detergent mix - the regular stores never have it but the ethnic ones always do!

  3. I like your idea with the rice,I will try this too.It was sure nice that they told you about the bay leaves.Blessings jane

  4. Sounds like a good store to me. Bet they even have a 'real' butcher behind the meat counter!

  5. And use your wide-mouth canning funnel to pour the ingredients into the containers.
    I buy big containers of almonds and animal crackers at Costco when I'm there (wanna come with me sometime?) and reuse the containers for flour, etc.