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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Food Budget questions for ya'll?

First, I can't believe I typed my title with an accent... I was born and raised here on the southern Oregon coast (pronounced Ory-gone).

After reading a bunch of the blogs I've become attached to, I see how many people have grocery budgets. I couldn't tell you what I spent last month if you put a gun to my head. That's gonna change, right now!!!!

I do have a few questions...

1. Stocking up: do I include the items I stock up on (flour, rice, certain goods on sale) in my weekly budget. How do you eat out your stored foods yet keep it full?

2. Do I include pet food? My plan now that I am actually running a small business of egg sales is for my profits to purchase my chicken feed, dog and cat feed and hopefully a portion of my sheep grain. So, if I do that, the weekly amount is just for family groceries and personal supplies (toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.)

3. Living in a small town with only 2 stores (neither of which does double coupons, etc, I don't get the chance to get out of town often to buy at the cheaper stores (there is a Fred Meyers, Dollar Tree and Grocery Outlet 30 mins away and the Super Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons is an hour and a half away) so I am thinking of every month setting a certain amount aside to spend when I do get out of town. So, say I set my budget at $250 a month for a family of three, spend $40 a week locally, and give myself $90 a month at the larger stores, is that reasonable?

This is kinda scary, but managing finances has never been my strong point. I have to exercise self-control, and for someone who is in recovery and a major co-dependent, it will be interesting.

Thanks for your help!


  1. OH NO! We've corrupted you! Gosh those are tough questions. I rotate my bulk foods. Which means I have more than one container and they work their way up to the front in the pantry. And since I shop these in bulk also, I don't budget them in the day to day. I save up and know I will spend at least $80-$100 about every 2 or 3 months.

    I don't know what to do about #2. I don't budget it in, because again we buy it in bulk and don't need it every month.

    And #3 sounds like a plan, and make the amounts work for your family.

    Do you get the impression that I don't have a solid budget either? :o)

    The cool thing is that the more I garden/preserve, the more we save. This year has been a drastic savings. I probably don't even spend $15 per week if at all. And that would be just TP and such. It's super cool!

    I know I wasn't much help, but I am singing your praises for trying to lasso that budget in.

  2. I am with APG - I sort of have a budget, but I only have myself to plan for. This year I am shopping once a month and plan on budgeting that trip to $25. I have a lot in the freezer and on the pantry shelves, so I am in good shape. As far as pet food, I don't count it as part of my budget. This year I am actually going to keep track of the outgo/income for the livestock. That should be scary!

  3. No "real" budget here either. Whenever a product I need is on sale, I buy it. Use the older product first and pull the more recently purchased to the front. Always put the newest product in the way back. I rarely buy much that isn't on sale except fresh produce in our organic co-op and that's only in the winter time. We have enough stuff in the freezer and pantry so I wouldn't have to shop for any groceries for . . . a long time. Takes a while to build up the back up supply but once you have it, it's easy to restock one thing at a time.

    We buy dry dog food but supplement it heavily with cooked rice and venison.

    We buy our poultry feed in pallets splitting it with others in the area.