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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Breed of our pound puppy-Help please!

We adopted Bella in September from our local pound. We are pretty sure she'd been abused in some way, as we couldn't reach out to pet her without her cringing. New people scare her silly, she growls, has her hackles up and I worry she's gonna bite someone. We have seen a lot of improvement though and getting her fixed calmed her down a bit. She is very sweet and loving, to the point where she won't leave us alone. Steve said sometimes he misses the way she was when she didn't like him.

When I saw her cowering in the kennel at the shelter, I saw she had some kind of working breed in her. I am hoping to eventually train her to help with the sheep when they crowd me, etc. She already has a lot of behaviors that indicate she is truly interested in working. She gets low when she is watching something that she is interested in, she tries to connect with the sheep's eyes when she watches them and she tries to herd the chickens. We've had some problems with her being too interested in the chickens, which is not good, so she gets to wear a shock collar when she is out by them and she has learned quickly to ignore them.

Anyway, I am wondering if any of you have any idea what breeds she might be. She is white, with tri-colored patches. Her eyes are dark, she weighs 26 lbs and is very quick and agile. Her face is very slender. I was thinking maybe some Australian Shepard. Her coat is thick, almost like a lab, and she sheds a lot!

Thanks for your thoughts...


  1. I see some Jack Russel in there, but she is 100% adorable. And so is the poor guy down in the weeds in the last picture.

  2. That's Bo in the weeds. I think he was trying to hide... LOL. I never thought of Jack Russell but that would explain some of the constant bounciness...

  3. Jack Russell was my first gut thought too.

    Or gymnast? She walked that balance beam/railing very well! Cute!

  4. Don't know how old she is but if she were bigger I'd put her in the birding class like my dog. He has a lot of the same mannerisms and is protective of the house and family to the point of making me nervous. Very affectionate with the family and sheds a lot. Mine is a full grown pointer mix of some kind from the local public animal shelter. He was 55lbs when we got him, extra skinny. Now he's around 65 to 70lbs. Has always been active with separation anxieties so he has to be kenneled at night and when we leave the house. He growls at the least noise outside and I have to put him in the kennel when the pizza shows up for safety. Otherwise very smart and always underfoot or lazing by the fireplace.

  5. I was told she was about 6 months, they thought, so she'd be about nine months now.

  6. Ruth,
    I wanted to write and say that Bella does look like she has Jack Russel in her. not 100 percent, but not much elsa in there.
    I also wanted to write here and thank you for your comments about my Bella! Wasn't sure you would get my reply via my Blog!?
    She only crossed the bridge yesterday and its so very hard to comprehend right now. My other dog, Daisy spent the night looking for Bella and crying when she could not find her! Made for a long night.
    Sorry, did not mean to ramble.
    Thanks again and I look forward to reading your blog!

  7. That's a Jack Russel! We have a rescue that is Jack Russel/Australian Shepherd and the similarities are striking! Have fun with the digging, LOL!

  8. Looking at her again I see she is bigger and since you mentioned her tendencies and her appearance, I bet she's a Jack mixed with heeler/cattle dog. Jacks are smart but hard to train but heelers are easy to train, good luck she's a beauty!

  9. I am betting she is a Mountain Fiest. We have one that is purebred and she looks just like her! I have pictures on my blog but they are not recent as she is now big and destructive and she stays in the "hunting dog" section!!!! hahaha So not as many pictures. My husband is a squirrel hunter and she is his newest toy. She's about 7 months old now but I am not sure about her weight. They are great dogs, everyone in the family has one!! Enjoy her!