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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another foster animal-always room for one more!

This is George (I think maybe named after that Bugs Bunny cartoon where the snow monster says "I will name him George and I shall love him and pet him...)! George needs a new forever home. He sits very still when you pet him or hold him. I know none of you live close enough to take him, but I thought you would like his cute face.

George belonged to a little boy who, unfortunately, has some problems and mistreatment of animals is one of them. His mother finally came to me and asked if I could find him a home. Since his sister has been in our 4-H club for years and there have always been some issues (good intentions but not great care), I said yes. I don't have a lot of money to spend on special feeds, etc for the animals I take in, but I have found that good basic care and love go a long way in healing both physically and mentally.

The family did give me 1 and a half bags of feed, 2 water bottles, a large feeder and odds and ends of leftover livestock stuff (bummer lamb stuff mainly). So, I will find him a safe home, provide the new owner with some feed and supplies for him and still be ahead, both in feed and feeling good!


  1. I'm sure you will find someone who can give him what he needs - you sure do have the reputation for helping these little guys LOL!

  2. Awe...poor little George. You must have one of the biggest hearts around! Good for you!

  3. Your farm is like Hidden Haven... a haven for animals in need of love and security. Wish I lived closer cause I would just love to give George a forever home.

  4. George looks so sweet.You sure a lifesaver when it comes to taking in pets.I know he will find a good home. Blessings jane