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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

They'll be home for Christmas!

My babies (and their SO's) will be home for Christmas. Both my older daughter, Kaitlyn and her hubby Justin (they got married in August)

and my middle daughter, Michelle, and her boyfriend Taylor

will both be driving 6 hours home from the Portland, Oregon area on Wednesday. I am very excited. Taylor is very shy and this is his first stay with us, so I have threatened Steve (my hubby) and Justin with bodily harm if they tease him. They both think they are very funny guys and I don't want 'em to overwhelm Taylor his first time here.

We are planning on lots of food and fun times together (taking the quad out for a ride or two, playing Wii games and board games) and maybe I'll find some farm chores for 'em also. Doesn't hurt to use that muscle when you have it available.

Michelle has to go home Christmas day, and I'd love to pull her spark plug wires so she can't leave, but I think her employer might not like that, so I will behave.

Even Lyndsey, the only one left at home, is excited, even though she's already worried about the "mess" they might make in "her" bathroom! I think she's gotten used to being an only child!

I can't wait to see 'em, tho I'm certain when the house is quiet Sunday morning, I'll breathe a huge sigh of relief!

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  1. Yeah!!! How wonderful that you will have them home with you in just the knick of time!

    You just gave me the idea to join you on a virtual quad ride too! Haven't had mine out in the snow yet! Thanks!!